10 Everyday Habit Agieng You!!!


Things you are doing in your daily routine to look younger may be doing the opposite. Take a look at these everyday habits that may be causing you to age faster.

Faster Ageing caused by EVERYDAY HABITS

1) Cardio- This may come as a surprise to most of you since exercise has been proven to make people feel and look younger. If practiced properly, cardio can help with weight loss and increased metabolism, but frequent extended sessions of cardio increase the release of free radicals. These free radicals target and break down cells in your muscles and quicken the ageing process. Run responsibly and you can too prevent free radicals.

2) Low-Fat Dieting- Everything has a good side and a bad side that is no different for fats. Essential fats are just that essential. They help to maintain your cellular health and are needed to carry out certain biological functions. So just because a product is marked “Low-Fat”, that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

3) Less Cleaning- We all know cleaning can be a chore we would rather not take part in a lot of modern appliances and cleaning solvents have helped receive us of this domestic torture. However, things like dishwasher and sweeping robots have caused to be 30% less active than past generations, thus causing less caloric expenditure. By being active and using old school cleaning methods you could burn up to 1000 calories! Whoever thought cleaning could be so tempting?

4) Being a desk Flower- A lot of occupation requires sitting at a desk and using a computer to complete your daily duties. Maybe you are reading this blog while sitting at a computer right now, a long period of sitting impedes blood circulation and can lead to joint stress. Even if you have exercised for your recommended period that day it is still suggested to walk around. At least 10 min every hour. I m sure most of you won’t mind adding this to your daily routine.

5) Over Training- You know how the saying goes you can always have too much of good things. While exercising is a great way to maintain health and relieve stress, exercising too much can cause a problem. Even professional athletes need a recovery period for their bodies to perform essentials repairs to muscles and cells. Too much exercise can increase your chance for an injury like a muscle tear or joint damage. Using terrible form during weight lifting can also lead to this outcome. So be sure to take the time to learn the correct form and let your body recover.

6) Not eating seasonally- While modern food processing techniques have increased the availability of foods year around they are not always the healthiest solution be sure to take advantage of your local farmer’s market. The fresh product that is eaten at its seasonal peak packs more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals than those foods. That has been shipped to grocery stores, even better these fresh eatables are also less expensive. Better for your health and bank account. That’s a win!

7) Alcohol- Everyone knows that tobacco ages you faster but frequent participation in happy hours also to blame. It may feel like a reliever of stress, but it is stressing out your body more. Habitual alcohol consumption can lead to things like dehydration, acne, wrinkles and causes your liver to work less efficiently.

8) Makeup Mishaps- We use makeup to help us disguise those “Problem Areas” that plague our faces. However, using the wrong kind of makeup can make things worse. Heavy foundation and Powders can settle into those wrinkles you are so worried about and accentuate them. Also that those of by sleeping in your makeup are making matters worse doing this will clog pores and can age you by 7 days. Your face and your pillow will thank you for removing it.

9) Stress- Researchers say that not dealing with stress can age your skin and your brain. It can cause acne breakouts, cellular damage, increase blood pressure and disturbance in sleep patterns. You can relieve stress by investing yourself in your hobbies or various types of exercise. So the prescription for forgetting my problems is doing something I enjoy? Count me in.

10) Holding A Grudge- It is hard to let go of any animosity when you think someone has wronged you all the sadness, frustration and anger you feel towards someone is normal, but it can also be very harmful to your health. This can cause an increase in a hormone known as cortisol which leads to an increase in ageing. It can also lead to decreased organ, immune and metabolic function. Some may think forgiveness is helping someone else, but, it is ultimately helping you.

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