5 Skin Care Hacks You Can do in your home!!!


Want to Plump your lip?

You can you that with your Eyelash Curler one by one the bottom and upper lip with lash curler make sure you use it gently on your lips you gonna need few pumps and then you are ready for your favorite lip liner, gloss and lipstick application.

Do you struggle with hyperpigmentation in your underarms?

I have a solution for same you need to mix 1 tsp of Green tea powder and Toothpaste in such quantity so that your mixture is consistent enough to apply directly in your underarms and leave it around for 20-30 min and then wash it off.

Do You Struggle with blackhead over your nose which doesn’t look good on your makeup look?

All you have to do is to take a charcoal powder and a non toxic glue mix it properly and apply it all over your nose with the help of a brush and let it dries it may take20-30 min you may have heard that applying glue to your skin is harmful although it is non toxic I ask you to take a patch test first and then go ahead with the process. Remove it once it dry and you will be amazed to see the end result it will not only remove your blackheads it might also remove some of your whiteheads.

Do you need some Glow on your body instantly?

All you need sun cream and a highlighter/illuminator/body glitter mix together and go ahead and apply this mixture on your body wherever you need to glow. The best part is it does both jobs it protect your skin from the sun and gives you glow at the same time.

Have you ever had Dull, Irritated and Itchy Skin?

Take Rhassoul Clay and mix it with water this concoction is an amazing way slowly off your dead skin you need to wait until it is dry and gently wash it off.

What do you do when you run out of Makeup wipes?

You turn to Shaving Cream, Yes you heard me right! Shaving cream is an amazing substitute of removing makeup all you need to do is to take Shaving cream and remove your makeup gently and rinse your face once it’s done. You will get a baby skin after that and makeup free.