7 Sign You Are Friendzone!!!


1)They Ask about Dating Others

If you have crush on someone but they are always talking about the dates they went on with other peoples. It’s Obvious when someone likes you back , they would talk about the dates they want to go on with you. Sometimes they may not even knew that you are interested but they see you as a friend and friends talk about their relationships. So if they are always talking about other people, it’s a good sign that this person isn’t into you romantically.

2)They get drunk and still no signs

When you go out together, is there no sexual tension ?  It’s been said that truth comes out when someone is intoxicated, though this isn’t the reason to get your crush drunk. That being said it’s hard for people to hold back their emotions when they have had a little too much drink. If you are able to drunk around one another, without any admissions of feelings or drunk flirting chances are you are friend zone.

3) No Physical Contact

When men and women like each other they are to be flirty and touch each other. If your crush can lay in bed with you, or actually get through a whole movie when you are around you are in the friend zone. Yes your friend will hug you and may give you a peck on the cheek but if it is no more than that than it is what is it. This doesn’t mean you should force anything happen either, if your crush wanted too you would know it.

4) Call you Brother or Sister

Have you ever been introduced as their brother and sisters? This means they love you and  you are probably very close but they don’t see you as a partner. Men and Women would never call someone they are interested in a brother and sister.

5) They try to set you up with someone

Their something about friends waiting all their friends to date each other. But if your crush is constantly trying to hook you up with other people they aren’t interested in you. Of ‘course they want you to be happy they just aren’t thinking that happiness with them.

6) They don’t make an effort

If you hang out together and they don’t put any effort into their appearance, or their action you are friend zone. When someone like someone else and they aren’t dating yet they put an effort to make sure they have their best foot forward.

7) You do everything for them

If you find yourself doing their laundry, taking them to work or picking them up after a drunken night out you might be friend zone. Your crush may think that they had the best friend they have ever had but that is all you will be in their eyes if you keep it up. Yes you should be good friend but you shouldn’t   become some one slave because you want him or her like you.

So come out of confusion and move on in your life don’t be friend zone.

Love You All

Keep It Chic, Keep It Stylish!