8 Tips To look chic and Put Together without any further expenses


There are certain days when I feel kind of Off mind and not feel good about it but as you know am very particular about my look, and there are days when I feel more confident when I look put together.

Tips to Up Your Chieness

Roll those sleeves-This is very cheap ways to make your outfit look put together also it makes it look like your shirt is tailor-made for you not too long or short but make sure to roll it properly and clean.

Roll The Jeans-Same things you can do with your jeans as it makes your shoes look great and your ankle pop up, and it’s an effective way to make your outfit look more polished.

Find A Good Tailor-Most of the time when we require something to hem because it’s quite an inch lengthy and we want to make it look like it’s tailor-made for us. We do need a tailor for us in that case.

Tuck It-Tucking in your shirt or tee is an art as it makes you look taller without many efforts and it makes it look more polished and put together. Also, it defines your midsection pretty well and makes you look in shape.

Accessories Are Key- Do not leave your home without accessories. It can be any accessories as I am not particularly focusing on any single thing it can be Ring, Hat, Scarf, Purse, Choker, etc. I find a big difference when I wear accessories.

Whitening Your teeth- This makes your whole personality a lot better so don’t forget to floss and brush your teeth during morning and night. Try to visit the dentist once in 2 months.

Always Carry Lipstick- Make sure you choose the right shade of lipstick. Because it instantly changes the whole persona you carry and it can also make you look older if you play with the wrong color as per your complexion.

Take Care Of Your Nails- Basically, it doesn’t matter the color you carry on your nails as much as you take care of it to get it chipped off. Never go out without proper nail paint or plain nails just dont go with chipped nails. Cut your cuticles often to get rid from dry and dead cuticles around your nails.

Keep It Chic, Keep It Stylish
Love You All