8 Simple Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget

You don’t have to break the bank to look like a million buck. There are so many ways you can style your clothing to make it look like you spent a fortune at the mall.
It all comes down to picking the right piece, wearing the correct fabric and when all else fail then accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Add A Leather Jacket-One of the best-kept secrets on how to look expensive on a budget is to add a leather jacket in your wardrobe it doesn’t matter if it’s real leather or faux leather this jacket looks great as long as you stick on a certain style.

Modern Cuts and silhouettes work best just make sure to stay away from the leather jacket that is covered with shiny button Fringe and a bunch of zippers. The key is to keep it simple if you want to look as sophisticated as possible. Cropped leather jackets look great with almost any outfit, and you can wear them in a daytime or at night. In a day pair, a leather jacket with a floral dress or skirt can add a little bit of edge to a casual outfit. At night you can go all by pairing it with your favorite little black dress or a pair of skinny jeans and a dressy blouse. The versatility of this piece means it’s a fail-proof way to kick your style game up a notch and to give the appearance that you’re rolling in a dough.
Do you own a leather jacket? If so how do you style that your outfit looks more expensive?

Pick The Right Fabric-One of the easiest ways to spot cheap clothing is to look at the material is made of most bargain pieces are constructed of inexpensive fabric such as polyester, rayon, acrylic, and nylon.
You should avoid these fabrics at all cost, instead try to select luxe fabrics that will hold up well over time and still look amazing after a few washes such as suede, cotton, and linen. You may be thinking you ‘ll” have to spend an arm and a leg to add these fabrics to your wardrobe, but that’s simply not the case. It’s all about checking the tags on the clothing before you make a purchase. You can find really good deals on the item that are made of these natural fabrics and you ‘ll’ notice that they look so much better on your body. Cheap fabrics have the tendency to cling to your problematic area’s but items made of luxe material do the opposite. They drape over your skin as supposed to hug your curves and this provides the better fit that looks amazing on all body types.
Start getting acquainted with these quality fabrics so that you can spot them on the racks next time you go clothes shopping.

Buy Designer Inspired PiecesJust because you may not be able to afford designer pieces doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wearing item that looks like they cost you a fortune.
There are many generic version of brand name pieces in clothing stores you just know how to spot them.
Fast fashion retailers such as HNM & Forever 21 are known for having dupes of clothing items accessories inspired by big-name fashion houses.

Wear All Black-Wearing all black isn’t only slimming but it can also make you deserve to be in the cover fashion magazine. Black is neutral so goes perfectly with everything. But this color looks classy and chic when its paired with other black pieces. Sticking to solid black from head to toe will help you unleash your inner Kylie Jenner. One of the main reason why we love to wear black because the dark the color will hide the quality of the fabric. You can throw a black T-Shirt and a pair of black pants from a target. Pair them with some black pumps or heels from your favorite discount shoe store and still have money left over to purchase accessories.
The color also allows you to camouflage any stains or discolorations in the fabric and its look amazing on every skin tone. Just try wearing all black outfit one day and you instantly feel so glamorous. This is a look which never goes out of style. And you don’t have to dip into your savings account to add some affordable all black pieces to your wardrobe.
Are you the fan of black clothing?
What are your go-to black pieces that you wear the most?

Accessories with a scarfSometimes as simple as wearing a scarf around your neck can instantly transform your look and entire appearance. If you thought scarves were only made to be worn during the cold winter months you were wrong. There are so many different scarves on the market and they are made with various fabrics depending on the season.
Fall and winter scarves are primarily knitted and made of cotton wool, and synthetic fibers. Spring and summer scarves are made of the much lighter material such as chiffon and silk.
No matter the season, you can find the appropriate scarf that will make your outfit instantly expensive.
So what is it about a scarf that makes your outfit look 10x better?
Whether its bright and colorful or made of solid color a scarf is classy, elegant and oh so posh. By wrapping one around your neck you can make your outfit look like it was put together by a Hollywood fashion stylist.
Are you the fan of wearing scarves all year long?

Wear LipstickLooking expensive means making sure you look well put together from head to toe. It won’t does any good if you follow all clothing advice but skip on making sure your makeup looks expensive too. There are so many makeup brands on the market and designer brand will definitely break the bank. But when it comes to looking like you’re made of money all it takes it one simple Item that can be purchased at your local drugstore. It’s Lipstick of course. But can you just wear any color? Picking the right hue is the secret to improving your overall appearance. A lipstick made of color tint, such as pink, coral, will add just the right amount of color to your lips.If you really want to get bold and stand out, you can wear a red lipstick that will command attention. This classy color goes great with almost any outfit, from an all black get up to a printed dress. There are a bunch of red colors available at makeup stores, so you just have to make sure you purchase the color that goes best with your skin tone. And there you have it.
Just a little of Lipstick can turn your look from cheap to expensive in an instant.

Shop Discount Stores-You may have to dig through the racks, but if you’re lucky enough, you can snag some expensive pieces for less at discount stores. To find the store nearby your location and you may even score some brand name clothing at half price too!
Shopping at these stores allows us to mix and match “high street clothes and designer” items by taking advantage of the discounted prices.

Wear Pointy Shoes-So you know what clothing and accessories to wear to make your outfit look expensive, but what about your footwear?Your shoes either make or break your entire outfit. If you want to look fab on a budget, you’ll ruin your chances of looking flawless if your shoes aren’t up to par. All it takes is a pair of pointe shoes to make you look like you spent a fortune on your outfit. There is just something about pointy shoes that make an outfit look so polished, and even celebrities can’t get enough of this footwear. We have seen everything from pointy pumps on some of our favorite celebs, and it looks we just can’t get enough of! It doesn’t matter what color shoes you wear, but we love neutral shades because they pair well with almost every outfit. If you don’t have pointed shoes in your collection it’s time to add one. People will not see how beautiful you are if you just can’t walk in these pointed shoes. Sometimes flat shoes are better than high heels.

So what are you waiting for ain’t going for the shopping?