Essential Skin Care You Need To Follow

Your skin is prognostic of how amazing you feel. Did you breakout last time when you were stressed? Don’t worry it happened to everyone once in a while or with someone every week as well. Moist, Glowy, Healthy looking skin is a sign of good diet while dry, patchy, Oily skin is a sign of bad eating habits.

Our skin has three layers and each layer have their own task to perform but how they will perform without your support? So be good friends of your skin and help it in a proper way to give it a healthy younger looking skin.

Follow CTMN– By CTMN we mean Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising and Nourishing and all these steps will hardly take 5 min of your’s twice a day in the morning and before sleeping.

Steps Of CTMN– Firstly you should stop using soap in this era and start using good brand CTMN kit as per your skin.

1st Step- Cleanser which cleans your skin properly and cleans it internally without making it dehydrated.Cleanser work is to clean your skin pores which contain dust, makeup, and another particle.

2ns Step- Toner which closes your skin pores after cleanser cleans it so that it makes a barrier over your skin and make it ready for other product to lay down on your skin without affecting it.

3rd Step-Moisturising which bring back the hydration level in your skin and make it look supple and soft even if your skin is oily make sure you use moisturizer but that should be as per your skin type because every skin needs these daily cleaning.

4th Step- Nourishment is the process which works on your skin during the night when your skin is free from all dust and makeup so that skin gets more time to work and make it look healthy.

Apart from daily skin care you need:-

A Good Sleep- Good sleep we mean 7-8 hours of sleep that to tension-free sleep. We know everyone had a problem in their life but that does not mean you keep on thinking because thinking about the problem is not going to solve your problem. So better during the night, you need to sleep.

Sunscreen- Do you know sitting under lights for 8 hours is equal to 1 hours of sunlight? Better start using sunscreen even when you are not out in sun and make sure you use sunscreen at least twice in a day if possible. Spf should be between 35-70 as per your exposer of skin.

Healthy Diet- As I said earlier skin is the reflection of inner health and we should eat healthy food and that too on time and try seasonal fruits as well. Try to eat fruit which is juicy so that it helps our skin to glow more from inside.

Make-Up Removal- Do not take chance with your skin by sleeping with your makeup or else it will create breakouts and make it look uneven too. Whatever the condition is you always take off your make up before sleeping. Carry Cleansing wipes when you traveling so that it will help you to remove your makeup when you do not have water.

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