4 Hair Mistakes To Avoid

Promise your hair today that they will be treated with care, Love, affection Because your selfie is 90% of your hair don’t you know that? Am sure you did!!!

So you need to mark your calendar in such a way that you can give some of your precious time to your hair as well.

Hair Mistakes to avoid

Rubbing Towel-We all do this, don’t we?After hair wash, we rub towel and forget that the time hair is wet and we rub towel like we are fighting with ISIS stop doing this will create breakage in your hair and will ultimately show fly off which no one likes.

No time for Conditioning-If you can’t give 5 extra minutes to your hair then what else you can do? By conditioning I mean to apply conditioner on the length of your hair, not your scalp and then modify it properly then leave it for 5 min magnification help your hair to inhale product inside their cells and restore hydration in your hair which will help you once your hair is dry.

Not Oiling weekly-I know in this busy schedule and hectic life no one has time for oiling but you only need to apply oil once a week and leave it overnight try to do it when you have an off next day.Or you can apply oil in daytime and leave it for 1-2 hours but make sure you don’t go out during that duration because you are not supposed to let enter dust particle in your scalp especially when roots are moisturised and make an easy way for dust particles to enter If you have to go out then don’t forget to cover your hair if that helps.

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Stop Using Detergent Base Shampoo- By that I mean you need to see ingredients and you will find it clearly written on the back side of shampoo that it is the detergent base. So probably if you using any shampoo with the detergent base then you are washing your hair like your clothes. Instead, start using oil base shampoo to treat your hair better and choose professional range instead of consumer range.

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