7 Travelling Essential

I love traveling and I am in a profession where I have to be travel ready. You must be thinking how lucky I am right? Yes, I feel lucky but equally, I endured to get in that job where I can enjoy my work and travel officially. One of my friend told me that Nahid you are not meant for the desktop job and I feel same for myself. Because I can’t sit in one place that’s what I called my Shortcoming.

So Being Travel Ready I am always ready with my backpack and some of my essential product which I always need during my official trip.

1) Wet Wipes– I don’t travel without wet wipes as they are pocket-friendly, Don’t need water and also hydrate my skin while cleaning Makeup and dirt particle while traveling.

2) First Aid– I know it sounds a little bit heavy but by first aid I mean some basic Medicine box which includes Paracetamol, Bandage, Dettol, Cotton and some pain killer because you never know what is coming next because it happened with me so many times especially when I am travelling in hilly areas I don’t find medical store easily which was a real pain for me apart from the agony I was  suffering. This came on my list from my earlier experiences.

3) Emergency Contact Index Card-As in this Mobile Generation no-one remembers contact number and this is not a good thing when we are traveling we should have access of all the important numbers so make sure when you are traveling you had all important contact information.

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4) Laptop and accessories– If you are gadget-friendly then you should pack Earphone, Laptop, Charger, Hard disk, Dongle, Powerbank etc. to pass your time in flight and also when you get bored in the hotel. Especially when we travel and we don’t have an ingress electricity that really infuriating so power bank is a life savior to be connected.

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5) Dry Fruit and Some Chocolates– Well it happened most of the time with me during my traveling I don’t get to eat what I really want to eat being so choosy in food so having some dry fruit and chocolates always saves me from getting hungry as we all know by eating sweets or chocolates we instantly get some energy to survive more so I suggest to carry something to eat especially in sweets or anything you like so that you can easily travel without being hungry.

Box of gourmet chocolates on a Christmas themed tablescape

6) Makeup and Skin Care– As we all know the importance of grooming and Makeup comes under that section so make sure you keep all your makeup and skin care product like facewash, toner, day cream, night cream sunscreen in a pouch so that you can use it as per your requirement.

7) Travel Pillow and Eye Mask– Most important things to carry while you are travelling as these both things are pain saviour because while we are in the travelling mode we have no idea how much body pain we are going to get and sometimes when your flight, train or bus got delayed due to any reason you have to suffer some serious kind of pain which happened with me so many times. Do not try to play with your health when it comes to traveling.



Hope this blog helps you to save your time during travel packing and of course, save your moment which you can explore while traveling and save while packing.

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