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As per as Fashion concern we have plenty of option to change our look every week but then who will bear hair damage from the chemicals. So it is always important to maintain your hair quality by doing post care and that post care should be from a professional range of product then only you will be able to maintain that kind of quality and change your hair fashion as per trends.

I am giving you some professional product information whi8ch recently launched in India and also giving you an insight of it although these products are meant to be available at professional Salon only but still you can get them through different sources.

Metallic hair color by Alfaparf Milano

Alfaparf Milano has launched metallic hair color in the silver and rose color palette. With exclusive 3D tube Tech technology, these guarantee great result while ensuring good health of the hair. The new shades, a tone in tone extend it a maximum power of 1 to lighten the tone, which makes it a perfect product for both global hair coloring and reflections. Available exclusively through Inocorp Marketing Private Limited and associate partners.
Price550/- 60ml

Kit by Superslick

Superslick is a deep conditioning treatment that infuses hair with Nano Silk  Complex particles and sericin protein, derived from the cocoons silkworms. The superslick kit contains three superslick silk  Amino Acid Professional Solutions of 90ml, oner superslick Detoxify Shampoo of 300ml, one super silk Pure Indulgence rinse out Conditioner of 250ml, and one Super slick pure  Indulgence leave-in Treatment of 120 ml. This kit serves six heads with medium length hair and available at leading salons through regular distribution network or headstart international. So you can easily divide the cost of the product into your hair by their kit prices and pay accordingly. Although they will charge extra for their services cost of course. Only available in professional Salon.
Price: 9,975

Hair care range by Truefitt & Hill

In the rainy season, it is essential to keep your hair and scalp clean and with hair management frequent use shampoo and hair management Replenishing Conditioner, you can do both. suitable for normal or oily hair, the moisturizing ingredients add body and shine while preventing styling damage. The wheat protein coats the hair follicles and adds strength. The Conditioner can be used two to three times a week. The duo is available at Truefitt & Hill outlets and o their website
Price: 2,000 each
 This blog completely belongs to Professional Product Information which generally used by Salon Professional and then they give you amazing hair result so I am here to give you all such information professionally.
This blog is not at all sponsored it’s completely belong to my personal interest in this segment.