Get Beautiful Skin Without Investing Money and Time Naturally

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Who don’t want beautiful skin and texture but nowadays it’s way too difficult to understand our skin due to bad weather and pollution in our surroundings. It’s also hard to believe any brand or salon because all they want money and not good in services except some people who have deep knowledge about our skin and they are costly too because they are a cosmetologist.Let’s see what all we have in our kitchen to make our skin beautiful and healthy with proper deep skin cleansing.

There are some things always in our kitchen which is good for our skin, hair, nails and have so many medical effects too.

Rose Water-Moisturizes and Nourishes the skin helps to get rid of swelling and itching and has a whitening and rejuvenating effects easily available in the market. How to apply simply dab two cotton pads in rose water and apply it to your dark circle and keep it for 15 minutes. Try to repeat this process twice a day to get the maximum result.

Sweet Almond Oil- This oil truly works wonder for your skin removes dead skin cells, reduces wrinkles visible sign of aging and has a good and healthy overall effect For your skin it also makes the skin around the eyes tight. Just apply 2-3 drop of oil with nice massage movements before you go to sleep and see the result in 2-3 weeks.


Potato Juice-It contain natural whitening ingredients and full of Bit A and C it does not only remove your dark circle but also gently moisturize the eye area grate some potato and squeeze the juice moisten cotton pad in it and apply this under your eyes and leave it there for about 10 minutes you can always finish the process by massaging olive or almond oil to get the fast result. Use this remedy every day for 2 weeks and these dark circle won’t bother you anymore.

Cucumber Compress-It’s pretty much common now as a cucumber is refreshing For your eyes.its really natural and effective remedy for swelling and dark circle around your eyes. It contains a large number of antioxidants and has a cool whitening effect and perfect for the skin around the eyes.
Use slice the cucumber in thin slices and keep it in the fridge for 15 min apply over your eyes make sure it covers all problematic areas around your skin and keep it for 10 or 15 minutes over your eyes then wash your face with cool water do this process for two weeks for the more prominent result.

Tea Compress-Tea is rich in caffeine and antioxidants which makes it a great remedy for dark circle and swelling around your eyes. Make it a cup of green or black tea then cool it and dab cotton pads in this solution and apply to the eyes using tea bags keep it for 10 to 15 min apply it every day for a week and feel result under your eyes.

Milk and Bread Mask-Milk tones up and moisturises skin and it contain Vitamin A and B6 which are very important for keeping the good look as it helps to build new skin cells as it contain Vitamin B12 which naturally whiten the skin and bread on the other side contain yeast which is rich in Vitamin B which suit the skin and neutralises rashes so you just have to make a paste Of white bread and milk and apply the finished mask and make sure the layer isn’t too thick leave it about for 10 to 15 min. If you make an effort to make and apply this mask daily under ur skin or all over your skin as the well dark circle will soon disappear.

Tomato Juice-It contain an anti oxidants that strengthen cappilaries walls it also contain some element which not only whitens skin also softens it and it’s full of vitamin have an fantastic effect in your skin vit a to generate cells of damage skin vit b renews skin cells vit c stimulate cellular metabolism sounds quite incredible right well if you want to try this method apply tomato juice over the problematic areas and leave it for about 10 minutes then wash your face with cool water don’t forget to repeat this process every day for 2 weeks the result definetly won’t disappoint you.

Massage and Exercise-Certainly under underestimated massage Does not only removes your problem but alsohave a good effect on your vision this two step procedure should always start with massage so use your fingers tips to massage under your eyes and apply this movement for 2 to 3 min move from the temple to nose bridge along the lower lid do not give excess pressure skin around your eyes is very sensitive be very careful once done with massage it’s a good idea to apply an eye cream and do not stretch your skin Now close your eyes for 6 sec and relax your eye lid and repeat this process for 10 to 15 Times by doing all above you stimulates blood circulation and muscles under your eyes also it will make your skin younger looking and avoid wrinkles just try it and be amazed by the result.

Herbal Ice Cubes-Ice has a great effect on skin removes wrinkles and swelling to make herbal ice cubes take some Sage leaves corn flower and parsley take 1 spoon of each in 6 ounces of water and pour these herbal leaves in boiling water and leave it about 2 hours cool it and pour into ice moulds and that’s basically it now rub these ice cube around problematic areas every morning for about 30 seconds repeat this process for 2 weeks and safe herbals are very common ingredients for eye gels because they make the skin look fresh and well cared for corn flowers are very effective for reducing eye bags under the eyes. Cammomile flowers reduce the puffiness and make the skin glow parsley is very good for whitening the skin so it’s no wonder these ingredients makes amazing mixtures.

And there you go it’s ways easier and now try any of these and let me know one he comments section below how it’s going to be for you.