A Prank Broke Me Into Tears Especially When After 13 Years I was about to Propose Him

I saw him the first time in my school before 15th August preparation (2nd of August 2004) and I fell in love with him. Love at first sight but I thought it is an affection or infatuation nothing else also he was the most handsome guy in school so he was in demand and popular too among girls. I knew that time he was dating someone but I never made this an issue as I was in Love with him and all I wanted to be his best friend so that I should know him deeply and available for him whenever he needs an emotional support. But somehow he left school after final year exam i,e. 2004 March. Until that time I was his friend through my efforts and I was continuously in his touch through calls.

The day came when I left my city and came to Delhi and he left his city to Mumbai we were happy in our lives and I was always in his touch and keep on thinking about him. Finally, the day came when he told me that he want’s to shift Delhi and if I can help him to find a rented room as I was living with my relatives. That day was the happiest day for me and I convinced my aunt to give him her 1st floor for rent. And now we started living together in same building and I was feeling the luckiest girl on this planet we were like a family now. 


One day me and my cousin also he along with his brother went to see Delhi as we all were free when I came back home my cousin told me that You should stop thinking about him in that way because he is in a relationship and he is physically involved with his girlfriend also he is serious about his girlfriend although she was not from the same religion.

So the day my cousin told me about his girlfriend and his seriousness. I was completely broke as I was still in love with him. But I didn’t show him my feelings at all. Despite the fact, I even became friendly with his girlfriend and decided not to say anything because at the end of the day I want to see him happy and smiling. We are very close friends cum family right now that I can share anything and everything with him, I can call him anytime I want and I really love being his best friend but what to do with my heart which still loves him from the core now it has been 13 years 4 months now when I am writing this story to get published because I want to feel light by heart.

So the day I was going Mumbai I told him that I am coming and we will spend time together for some time as I went there for official purpose with less time duration. And for sure we spent really good time together and I really enjoyed each moment we spent together that whole night on Mumbai Road and those were best moments of my life. As my friends know about my feeling for him she asked me to share my feelings with him once and leave everything on him and somehow I was also thinking to get rid of this feeling as its 13 years now I kept this feeling with me which is a quite long time in today’s generation.

So finally I decided to say all and be friend with him as I was in meeting with my boss before leaving for Mumbai I went to the washroom and checked his wats app status and I felt like numb as his status was (Finally she proposed me today) and I was clueless about this and I thought who is she now and why He didn’t tell me anything as I share everything from him and tears were all over my cheeks being strong emotionally I managed and got ready for my trip and I decided to keep my feelings wiht myself for the rest of my life. Finally, I reached Mumbai and he was waiting for me at the airport to pick me up and even after so much control over my emotions I hugged him in front of my boss.

We went to his place and he offered me coffee as he knew that I love coffee and when I was doing my makeup touch up to go out with him he told me about that wats app status by himself that it was a prank and nobody proposed him I stopped while applying lipstick and my face was full of happiness but then also I decided not to say anything because I know he doesn’t want to come in any serious relationship and I don’t want to become anyone’s time pass. But then what should  I do to this heart which makes me feel heavy everytime I feel alone.

So I am just writing my story to share my feelings and if I can help any girl or boy to take their life decision so wisely because you can bear anything you want but this feeling of keeping your feelings with yourself for such long period of time is really a disaster and heavy trust me If you love anyone just share your feeling then and there only don’t wait for a correct time like me because that correct time is never gonna come. If that person has the same feeling for you and you will be luckiest person else you will come over that rejection soon with time and you can start your new life without any grudges in your heart.

I am feeling really light weighted after writing this story and finally, I am going to share this blog link with that person to share what I felt for him for the rest of my life but not anymore. I have so many things to write but don’t want to make you all bore with such long story.

Love is a beautiful feeling so let it be beautiful don’t make it harsh because of your bad decision.

I Loved You, Sweetheart and I promise to be your friend for the rest of my life. You will always find me near you whenever you need me I can never afford to lose you as a friend that’s why I lost you as my soulmate.