A simple Guide To Color Correcting

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As I know Color Correcting is still a big thing and comes under professional Makeup and it is a part of Professional Makeup but it’s 2017 and every girl has so many information about Makeup and that’s cool. Because of our internet generation, everyone knows something about everything but not everything about some of the things.

As I promised in my Bio that I am here to change once personality by giving you correct knowledge about Beauty Fashion, Hair, Nail etc.  So today my topic is “Color Correction” which we use generally use in Make-Up.

Note- Color Corrector and Concealer both are same things 

Green Color Corrector– Green Concealer is used under foundation to cancel out acne, sunburn, rosacea and visible capillaries in basic language to conceal redness on your face.

In Short- Cancels red, covers sunburn, rosacea, windburn, intense redness and breakouts

Pink Color Corrector– Pink Concealer brightens the complexion and combats sallow undertones in fair to medium skin tones. Purple does the same.

In Short- Cancels brown, Brightens dark spots and dullness. Covers age and sunspots. Great for pale skin.

Peach Corrector– Peach Concealer conceal under eye circle on olive skin tones and counterbalances deep blue skin associated with the weariest of under-eye darkness.

In Short- Cancels blue, Covers dark circles and bruised skin! Cover hyperpigmentation and brightens fair skin.

Blue Corrector–  Blue Concealer add radiance to skin and brightens porcelain and fair skin tones.

In Short-Cancel dullness, Cover porcelain and brightens fair skin

Caramel Corrector– Caramel counteracts ashiness on medium and dark skin tones.

In Short- Cover Ashiness and very good for warm skin tones to make it look equal.

Yellow Corrector– Yellow Concealer lightens darker skin tones and combats purple under-eye circles or bruises.

In Short- Cancel Purple, Calm mild redness. Perfect for covering purple/blue under eyes and evening skin tones.

Some of the good brands you can rely upon to buy good color corrector are

  1. L.A. Pro
  2. Makeup Forever Hd
  3. Nyx
  4. Kryolan
  5. Mac

Hope this post is helpful for you to understand basics of the color corrector and next time you go for a shopping keep in mind which corrector is best for you.

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