Amazing HABITS You Must ADOPT in your life !!!

Do not allow your phone in the bedroom-If anyone has something urgent they will call because using mobile during or before your sleep is a big no and you should avoid it to become a better person and to lead a healthy life.

Always Over Deliver-We often complains about customer services of brands and its really came into thought process because of over expectation you set to your customer and under delivery what you have promised always make sure to over deliver from the expectation of your customers because that will lead you to the success path. Consistently dial in the daily habit of over-delivering from the people expectation. Take the initiative if you are in the job show your boss give them a chance to show that you become indispensable and a merchant of wow in your organisation.

Fix Yourself- Make an effort to study your trend and by trends I mean write every changes you face in yourself like you are having 1 best friend and you guys never fought in last 1 year and suddenly you had a fight try to write a reason behind it and by writing all changes you face in your self every day . Study yourself when you are happy, Study when you are surrounded by people, Study when you are alone and nobody is noticing you, Study when you are sad what causes all these things by studying you will be able to change all your bad habits from a good one.

Look For Positivity- Let’s play a game here in your next 24 hours you just focus on all positive things around you and neglect all negative things around you and by doing this trust me you will be relaxed and one thing you need to remember what exactly you are looking from your life either its positivity or negativity in whatever you do its law of attraction which follows us everywhere and believes me you will feel good and amazing person inside out.

Be More Energetic- You don’t have enough energy how do you expect to accomplish a significant goal when you do not have enough energy. You notice the society push you down when you are full of energy. You going to school, work, business and suddenly you are so energetic and people ask you what happened to you dude believe me it happened with me several times because I am always high on my energy and that’s what makes me different from other people it’s my energy as I meet people every day in my life who replies to me I am fine with low energy when I ask them how are you now do you mean what “Fine” means?
I-In Debt
N-Not making enough money
E-Emotionally Stressed out

Let’s take an example of “Ranveer Singh” who is most energetic actor in Bollywood and the quality makes him stand out in industry apart from being good actor
So start moving your ass if you are fine because movements create energy and if you are having the desktop job of 9-5 start moving little bit to be more productive and start taking a short break when you can move and get some energy you will work more efficiently don’t be just fine. Be awesome, Be Energetic, Be Excited in short be Like me.

Change your mentality- If you think you are smart then get up and do smart work else call yourself “Dumbass”. Have the courage to face yourself and then only you can face anyone and all the disappointment or failure which comes in your life bypassing all that you will have the success you deserve and want.

Enhance the quality of our sleep- If you will have the quality of sleep along with the amount of time you are sleeping you will feel the productivity in whatever you do and feel better and energetic which will allow us to be a better person.

Keep It Chic, Keep It Stylish!!!

Love You All XOXO!