Are you Confused About Your Man? You deserve Someone Who Knows Your Worth

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If a man doesn’t call you, it’s because he doesn’t want to call you, if he doesn’t invite you to go out its because he doesn’t want to see you.
If he treats you like shit, it’s because he doesn’t care.  If he lets you go it’s because he doesn’t want to be with you.
When a man says “I am not ready but you are the love of my life and the only one I want, but now it is not the right time.”It simply he doesn’t want you. Don’t keep playing his confusing games don’t justify him, when a man what’s to be with a woman, he stays with her without lies, excuses or complications.
Stop being genuine and naive and stop justifying his every excuse and complication and put yourself first. You don’t need someone who doesn’t know what they want. You don’t need someone who doesn’t see your worth. You deserve a man who knows Your Worth and fights for you every day.
Stop wasting your time with this kind of man who doesn’t know how to keep women and how to make her happy especially when you do everything for them and in return you only get ditched. Stop breaking your heart for someone who probably won’t even be as good as you expect. Give yourself an opportunity to be happy and be with someone who actually deserves you open your eyes and be available for the correct one.
Hope this will give you the correct path to get a correct man of your life rather than wasting your time for the one who does not deserve you at all. Bad experience should be a learning for us not a reason for depression.
Lots Of Love
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