We Asked 10 Guys What They Prefer Relationship or Friends with Benefit

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We are living in an era where relationships have so many different meanings as per people choices and wishes. So we have asked some guys what they want either its Relationship (Commitment & Quality Time Investment) or Friends with Benefit (No Commitment, No Emotions only Their Desires with No Strings Attached) They all are working Professional and Mature enough to take such decision in their life.
And I got shocked to see these guys reaction because I was expecting something else and result turned out to be something else which changed my thinking towards Guys.
So let’s read what they all have to say about both topic and their reaction.
1) Well, then relationship because there will always be one person waiting for you at the end of the day. Also, there are a number of other benefits as well like you can correct each other thinking biases, you can savor shared memories, you have someone who reminds you every day how much they love each thing about you, You have someone who knows and loves you during a time when you’re constantly learning and growing.

Come and Hug Me Tight

Ishan (CS)
(Well I must say he is a keeper )
2) It depends and varies from person to person whether they prefer a steady relationship or friends with benefits. People with strong characteristics, who respect themselves as well as others don’t need friends who seek benefits rather they prefer someone who is reliable and trustworthy. The flip side is that friends with benefits are a short-lived relationship where friends and benefits keep on changing with situations and circumstances. Its a casual relation with no commitment and you keep each other happy until the time both are benefited. For me, a healthy relationship is much better than a casual sex affair.


Prashant (Recruitment Consultant)
(Girls he seems to be perfect one isn’t ? )
3) Relationship coz in a relationship you can share anything even worth and you can expect that he/she will be there with u but in benefit, you can’t expect anything.


 Irfan (Team Leader at BPO)
4) I like friends with benefit Because it’s a clear relationship without any strings attached to it. As you know why you are with that person and no hidden intentions.

Are You Lucky Enough?

Fashion photographer from Delhi
(Must say really straightforward)
5) The relationship is good when you are sure that this is the person with whom I want to spend the life… Here your emotions drive you.Every single moment is full of emotions.
In friends with benefits things are much simple you know each other very well.. much open. great understanding.. and you are sure that you don’t want to spend your whole life, it gives a great time. no emotional drama.  no emotional attachment.

Really? Are You Serious?

Gopal Gupta (Software Engineer)
(Diplomatic Answer )
6) Relationship and the reason behind that whatever you do, there should be an emotional attachment and that attachment helps to take it on the long run.

Lol !!!

Lalit Shahi (Business Development Manager)
(Well he is sincere one and don’t want anything without an attachment)
 7) Yaar I think friends with benefit is cool. You can do anything without any commitment. Rest is that you will not feel any guilt after doing any such things because both partners are fine with it.

Yes, Really I don’t get it.

(He don’t want any commitment)
 8) I am always up to friends with benefits.Because that’s life.

He seems to be Naughty

Puneet Businessman From Delhi
(Lol… For him, life is only Friends with benefit )
9) I think friends with benefits never really work out to tell you the truth because eventually, someone will get stronger feelings and that pretty much ends the friends with benefit and leads to a relationship or no friends depending on which way it goes I would say yes to relationship

OMG !!! Am I in Love

Frank Software Engineer from New York
(Seems really good Partner)
10) Obviously friends with benefits because there are lot of bindings While being in relation and if you will be with your friends it means no boundaries and live the way you want to as you don’t have to adjust yourself according to someone as simple as that cuz it’s a free world if we really have to follow someone I did prefer to follow my parents .

He will do arrange a marriage for sure!

 Adarsh Yadav
(Well Girls be aware and send him a Marriage proposal instead if you like him !!!)