Brillare Launches Hair Fall Control Product that too in 10 Days

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While attending Hair and Beauty Show I came through several new brands of Hair and Beauty in that show and I decided to write about each brand I came across as we all suffer from Hairfall somewhere someday in our life due to so many reasons and nobody is happy with their hair routine also because of so much of pollution and tension we suffer hair loss. Now it’s a part of our daily routine and we can’t do anything about it until and unless we don’t have exact information about any good brand.

So here I am with the ultimate solution for all of you in this article but to get rid of hair fall completely you need to go through my other article as well for which the link is given below at the end of this article.

Hybrid shock works on all 6 major reason for hair fall let me tell you all those 6 reasons due to which you get hair fall and you always cry in front of other people and also get embarrassed due to excessive hair fall which doesn’t look good in any case so let me tell you that reason.

  • Itchy Flaky Scalp
  • Excessive Oil Secretion
  • Shrunken Hair Follicles
  • Undernourished Cells
  • Follicle Blockage
  • Reduce Blood Circulation

Once you will start using Hydrolic Shock you will see the result as per company is given below:-

  • Clear Healthy Scalp
  • Controlled Oil Secretion
  • Optimum Hair Follicles
  • Nourished Hair Bulb
  • Blockage Removal
  • Increased Blood Circulation

About Brrilare

The difference is when we love nature we mean no harm.

Cruelty-free and vegan testing done on animals for the safety of cosmetics leads to fear and stress because many times these test are proform without analgesics and anesthetics this cruel testing method cause immense suffering to an animal.
Brillare science joined hands with PETA who spread cruelty free vegan culture for cosmetic products we believe not to test our products on animals to protect them from the sufferings taking a step further we have decided even not to use any animal originated ingredients in a product because animals have equal right to live freely in this world without any pain and utmost care your beauty is nature’s gift to you give back to nature by adopting vegan cosmetics and be the vegan beauty.

The difference is when we say natural we also say how much.
What is being sold throughout the world with liberal regulatory norms so most of the personal care products have chosen to be non-transparent in terms of its active ingredients and origin of intermediates but Brillare science choose to be completely transparent with its nature scores revealing practice?

Natural is the most over utilised but perhaps the least specified term in personal care creation whenever you make a choice of using natural product the question is how much nature does it actually hold subtracting the water part nature’s score indicates the exact percentage of natural ingredients in your selected Brillare science product so the next time when you read our score count your natural proximity and be assured of being constant in the world to keep you as close to nature as possible.

Your 10-day Regime

A transparent solution blended with a potentially efficacious active that provides all that week and undernourished root requires.
Results include hair fall reduction healthy scalp and unblock follicles in just 10 days

Purpose- Root Recharge
Effective in – Hair, Roots, and Scalp
Frequency – 10 consecutive nights
Method of Application – Apply 5 droppers full of hydraulic shock on targeted scalp area and massage gently for 5 minutes to assist the penetration up to hair roots leave it overnight.
Actives – Red clover extract with Acetyl Tetrapeptides 3 to Renew Delayed Hair Growth, Vital plant extract with Hexapeptide 11 to Strengthen Follicle and Anchoring, Rosebay extract For scalp Rebalancing, Vanillyl butyl ether and intense Phytopeptide Boosters for swift hair fall reduction and blockage clearing action.


1)What is a Hydroil shock?
Root deep absolute advance Hydroil shock is a patented scalp oil with potent Botanical/ plant actives the formulation is proven to control hair fall quickly and clear the blockage it is absolutely free from paraben formaldehyde an artificial color.

2) How does one use Hydroil shock?
That is to be used for 10 consecutive night apply 5 droppers full of Hydroil shock on the targeted scalp area and massage gently for 5 minutes leave it overnight this ensure penetration up to the hair roots.

3)How does Hydroil shock reduce hair fall in just 10 days?
It is designed with patented microemulsion technology to penetrate Deep and recharge the undernourished hair root in just 10 days it increases the microcirculation of blood and strengthens the hair root through a clinically proven blend of potent Botanical active and essential hair peptides.

4)Can Hydroil shock be used for more than 10 days?
Yes, it can be used for more than 10 days however Hydroil shock is an intensive 10-day treatment we recommend following this with 90 days maintenance treatment or Root Deep Hydroil for the better result.

5)Who will get the best result out of Hydroil shock?
It works best on those who have several seasonal hairs falls and for those who have noticed an increase in hair fall since last 3-6 months individuals in the age group of 18 to 40 years male female both are likely to get better results in case of chronic hair fall post pregnancy and serious medical illness result may differ

6)How suitable is it for my scalp/hair type?
Hydraulic shock suits all scalp and hair types since the oil relieve mild irritation on the scalp it can also be used on mildly irritated scalp hydro shock is scalp oil which can be applied only on the scalp.

7)Is there any side effect of using hydraulic shock?
It has been formulated with 35 natural ingredients which are included after considering all safety concerns hence it is free from all side effects however it increases blood circulation on application which causes a slight warming sensation which lasts for around 10 minutes but if it is severe and unbearable you may discontinue the usage and watch it with normal water

8)What should be the minimum and maximum time hours between application and washing the hair?
Ideally, the Hydroil shock is recommended for overnight application but applying get minimum 1 hour before hair wash is a must

9)Can I get any other hair treatment at Salon during this period?
No, however, you could go in for root deep in Salon treatment during this period avoid getting your hair colored styled or chemically treated during this period.

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