This Christmas Be Someone Santa

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Well, we all get gifts and the best part is we have someone in our life who are our Santa no matter what’s the season or time it is. Christmas is just another reason to celebrate this festival by giving some gifts to our beloved ones and make them happy because we feel happy to see them excited and happy after receiving our gifts.

So why not to take the pledge this Christmas and become someone’s Santa A secret Santa Maybe or known Santa doesn’t matter what matter is that we help someone in need or make them happy by giving some of our time or gifts along with time. To bring a smile on someone’s face is the best feeling in this world.

Decide To whom You want to Give gifts- In this case, My priority would be someone who is really in need like the people from poverty line who can’t even afford one-time meal without begging for it. Or maybe a kid who is suffering from winter’s and he/she is roaming barefoot on road.

Decide what to give- Now the time to decide what to give as a gift once you select to whom you are giving just analyze there need and give accordingly without hurting your pocket.

Value Of Gifts- I am not asking you to invest in gifts like you have to take a loan for that as after analyzing you might don’t have to invest money in that gift. Maybe someone needs your quality time or your suggestion. Your efforts making someone happy will definitely reward you. Just gift someone smile on their face. Just sit in alone for 10 minutes and think about those people in your life who might love you, adores you, likes you for what you are but can’t say anything and they are always available for you but you don’t due to your busy schedule or maybe because you don’t feel same for that person. Just give smile on their face by giving your precious time and talk sweet things that cost nothing. Trust me you will feel good after this act. (Tried and tested)

Take A Pledge- If you really wanna be someone Santa by heart don’t wait for Christmas and be Santa Every day/Every month. Use your mind and heart and analyze the need for someone in need and try to fulfill their need of Love, Affection, Time, Respect, Humbleness, Tenderness, Cheerfulness etc. Life is one and way too small for Hate, Jealousy, Anger.

I just expressed my feelings what exactly we need to do for Christmas and for the rest of our life. I am taking the pledge today that I will be Santa of someone in need. I still try to be someone Santa by not hurting anyone intentionally, Being always available for someone who needs me, By investing my time to those who actually demand my time and to those who don’t ask but need my time. I have no time for hate as I am busy in making other’s happy just by being me real me. Hope you all who are reading this post will do the same not because I am asking yo0u to do just because you really want to do as I know you are a good and loving person and hiding this personality under so many layers because of today’s tradition of not being real. Be Real Do Real.

Love You All!!!

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