Easy Hair Hacks For Summer


Wanna Tame Frizzy Hair this Summer?


All you need is your trusted setting hair spray and a dried Mascara Wand spray that on your wand and then go over your hair wherever you see a frizz and you are sorted.

Want to Protect your hair this summer?

Give your hair the extra protection by using leave in Conditioner which has UV protection and apply generous amount of conditioner on all over your hair am sure your hair is now ready to face the sun.

Battle with Greasy hair?

If greasy hair and oily scalp is bothering you I have a perfect home remedy for you use baby powderer makeup powder to match hair colour and to absorb excess oil gently rub it all over your hair it totally absorb extra oil from your hair.

DIY Hair Mask

Summer tends to dry our hair even damage it especially colored hair for that I have a perfect DIY remedy for you all you need to do is to take a spoon of Coconut oil, Castor oil, and Argan oil heat it up for about 15 seconds in microwave and apply all over your hair along with your scalp leave it overnight and wash it off next morning for bouncy, shiny and healthy hair.

Weren’t these hacks are super easy and fun which one is your favorite let me know under comment section and share your favorite hack with me for extra knowledge am sure you must be having some.

Love You All XOXO

Keep It Chic, Keep It Stylish!!!