How to be Stress Free? Read People Response On this Stress Free topic and get some ideas!

I know we all are stressed in this life of ours because somehow most of us living a dual life and trying to look cool at the same time which brought us a hell lot of stress in our mind. So I thought why not to ask people their way to get Stress Free.

Before I tell you other people react to this question I would like to tell you my way to get stress free because I am always the one who interlaces in such topic because I believe as a human there are so many things which we can’t say to each other as in person due to some layers w carry but its good to share with writing and my blog is generally for Beauty, Travel, Fashion but I added 1 column for such topic which is “Story Time” you are browsing right now so outwardly further delay let’s read and get “Stress Free”

My Way To Get Stress Free- Well I created this blog during my Stress period when I was striving with my mind and spirit at the corresponding time and I perilously needed some distress which allows me to start a blog and communicate about informational things and this was my style of perplexity and get Stress Free for a while. But when I am stressed or mad at someone I do own a column in my mobile and laptop where I write everything I wanted to say to that particular person and throw all my anger and that made me feel light as if I said everything I wanted to say without disturbing that person and without disturbing my relationship with them because when we are in anger we say things we don’t mean and later we regret and I don’t to regret in my life at all.

Now moving to people reaction-On some People replies I had a hearty laugh and it actually unlocked my horizon about getting stress free but I respect each one of you giving your Precious time and of course engaging in such stress free topic is a reward for me remember one thing I Love you all who perpetually are so supportive and considerate when I needed some extra points on any topic.

Ishan- Plugin the earphone, play soft music, Volume up, Fuck the Damn world.

Amita-It changes according to my mood these days Netflix is my Stress Buster and looking at my best.

Shahla-My Stress Buster is my God whenever I am low I try to connect with him and my spiritual side is quite strong and going out meeting people gives me kind of self-satisfaction and confidence.

Ajay- I travel because it is something Stressfree zone for me and try to spend time near water zone is my peace of mind.

Tapan-Fulfilling my fantasies is my biggest Stress Buster and I love to get stress free through sex taking an hour and let our workload off my mind.

Amit- Playing games on my mobile is a Stress Buster for me and going to the gym and sweat a bit is another way to get Stress Free from my point of view.

Harshit-Meditation is the best way as it gives inner and mental strength and increases concentration power and make me Stress Free.

Mahesh-I do a group video call to my friends and to those people I love to get Stress Free.

Shivani-I listen to the religious song on full volume and do my household stuff and get busy to get Stress Free.

Rahul- I try to think about new business ideas and try to implement towards it to get Stress Free.

Jayant-I take a nap and feel fresh to feel Stress-Free.

Mahendra Patel-I have my favorite coffee on the terrace with my favorite music while my earphone is at it correct place and I walk and if its high-level stress I take my bullet and go on a long ride and get Stress Free.

Sanyam-I watches anime and it’s not a cartoon and it’s my Stress Buster.

Harshita-I try to call people who give me positivity and listen to them as much as I can to feel light and good which sequentially lower down my Stress Level.

Neha– I go on a solo trip for a couple of days around the beach and sit there for hours while watching those high tides making noise and having my coffee and get Stress Free (One of my personal habit)

Dhruv- Play Snookers (Need Skills), Sleep (wow), Watching sitcoms and hangout with friends (Agreed) rest we don’t have time in our life. This is my Stress Buster.

Anand-I usually pray for 5 min and feel relaxed and Stress Free.

I hope this feature gave you some thoughts to get Stress free by other medians as well because there is no outrage in seeking new stuff, after all, we have one life and we shouldn’t be frightened to try new ideas which don’t cripple anyone rather will make us Stress Free.

If you have more ideas in your memory do not hesitate in bestowing because sharing is caring as per me.

Keep it Chic, Kep It Stylish
Love You All