How to build your Personal Style ? And Look Absolute like an Instagram Model

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Each of us has a unique style of dressing we are most comfortable with sometimes people like experimenting and have a freestyle.

Styles women have preferred globally over years roughly fall into seven categories.

  •  Romantic
  •  Natural
  •  Classic traditional
  •  Classic elegant
  •  High fashion
  •  Alluring
  •  Creative

Every individual has a dominant and a secondary signature style. To understand your personal style u should ask you these few questions.

Ques-1) What you value the most is it the Femininity or Sophistication?

Ques-2) You prefer street style or High Fashion or Couture?

Ques-3) What makeup look do you prefer is it the Dewy Fresh Look or Bold Eye & Bright Lips?

Ques-4) Would you rather wear an understated Minimalistic Look or Classic Glam Look?

Ques-5) What accessories do you prefer is it more Precious gems or Funky styles?

Ques-6) Would you wear Delicate or Chunky Jeweler?

Ques-7) How would you style your hair Soft Curls Natural wind Blew hair or a Short Bob with Zero Maintenance or Long Hair which require Regular Maintenance?

Ques-8) What are the Colors that you love Pastels or Neutral or you just like to incorporate with lots of Colors in your wardrobe?

Ques-9) The fabric that most appeal to you is it Lace, Chiffon or Silk or Cotton Cashmere or Polyester?

Ques-10) What clothing details do you look for is it Texture Colors Prints or Patterns?

Your signature style will be built from fabrics you use the Colors you choose along with the accessories u wear. Also, your style should be carefully crafted according to your image and your profession a style of corporate women is vastly different from the style of women working in an advertising agency. Once you know your personal style it should be easier for you to shop without giving too much thought this intern save time and money. Mixing too many styles, however, could be a disadvantage to your credibility as you would be giving mixed messages to the people around you. No wonder fashion changes every season whereas your style should be one story that’s told Every season with style of date.


You value femininity and a very lady like you prefer floral print, bows, and lace you love soft flowing fabric over cotton or stretch if you can relate to these states than chances are your style is romantic you can take inspiration from stylist Katrina Kaif she is mostly spotted in the pretty dress and feminine makeup very rarely you will spot her on something that is too extravagant and dramatic.

A few tips on building your romantic style would choose softer more luxurious fabrics like chiffon, lace, and silk add pretty feminine details to through your accessories for formal and corporate attire choose suits and jackets in a soft fabric you can also opt for colors like pale pink black or purple. You don’t want to come across as too soft and girly in business environment opt for the feminine color like pale pink, flushed scarlet but on a tailored jacket and neutral pants.


If you love traditional and timeless style along with fabrics like cashmere, high-quality cotton and pure silk you mostly opt for endless pieces of jewelry that you are classic traditional. A good example of classic traditional would be Rekha for her timeless style.

A few tips to keep in mind for western classical tradition would be used well-tailored trousers and jacket, as well as a straight or pleated skirt for evening wear, choose a simple timeless style like a twin set and a knee length straight fit skirt. You may add an appropriate piece of jewelry to complete your looks like a string of pearl and a brooch. Keep in mind you can easily look a little outdated an updated hairstyle and a footwear keeps your look up to date.


You follow all the latest fashion trend and every detail of your outfit is thought through you love statement jewelry and designer wear you like to make a statement every occasion for you is like a red carpet your style is high fashion.

A few tips to keep in mind printing your high fashion style choose bolder colors and current trendy garments to wear with your wardrobe basics. Take inspiration from Sonam Kapoor on her red carpet looks she is always making a statement bear in mind your style of dressing can sometimes be intimidating to someone who doesn’t know you well.


You value comfort and casual styling you wear little and no makeup and lot of wind blow to your natural hairstyle you prefer comfortable fabrics like cotton and linen. Your jewelry is minimal your style is simple and easy to carry you are a natural.

While building your wardrobe keep these things in mind add simple accessories to polish your look, jewelry made of natural material like wood will add a statement. For evening wear choose high-quality cotton or silk evening trousers and tunic and a dinner jacket for a formal look. Be aware that your look can be too casual in a business and official setting. To step up one level carry a jacket or a classic blazer.

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