How To Choose Foundation

Why is choosing a foundation so hard well it remains the biggest challenge in makeup just because skin across your face will not ever be even in coloring area of your skin that will look darker and some of them will appear lighter.

So the thing is to do take a close look at the skin closest to your face like the jawline, neck, chest that way you can avoid mask-like look.

The foundation you really want to achieve (A uniformity)

1) Shopping for foundation

That’s important to understand your undertones and that might be quite tricky because undertones are confusing. If you feel that you have lots of yellow in your skin then you are warmer undertones and if you have a blue of pink in your skin then you are cooler undertones but having said all of that just take help from beauty adviser also always remember to ask for samples because that way you can check without buying and keep that color for sometimes to check foundation quality also take a good look in a daylight.

Another thing is to do to take a picture of yourself because when u know there is a flashback if your foundation appears whitish in a photograph and to avoid whitish finish in your foundation make sure you choose a right foundation or foundation that is having SPF or light reflecting finish.

2) Picking a shade

Generally, it’s best to test foundation on jawline if it disappears into your skin it’s a true match but if you find it’s not then it’s difficult to use one foundation matches perfectly now you have to mix and match two to three shades together to get a true match. Now you have to remember this about a foundation that foundations are not corrector or concealers they do not even out all imperfection on your face. So don’t pile on foundation instead wait and use concealers or corrector.

3) Altering your Skin Tone

Some of us like to appear little brighter and some of them are darker(tan) here is a trick how you can alter your color just a little for brighter skin once you find your true matches the color all over your face. And use brightening color simply on T zone of the face because T zone is the mountains of the face which enhance the overall look.

For more tan look use match your foundation to your forehead to urchin because those are the darker area of the skin and once you do that make sure you have covered your neck and the chest so that foundation looks even out.

Hope this article gave you some knowledge about the foundation and it’s shopping. If you got some information don’t forget to like and share with your friends.