How To Get Makeup Perfection Step by Step!!!

Getting your base right is the most important step of your makeup routine and I have come up with simple ways to help you perfect your base in a flash. I do lots of us skip this step its really essential to prep your skin with primer, Moisturizer and a sunscreen but if you load your face with loads of products then a BB Cream is what you should use it helps to even out your skin tone( only if you buy the exact shade of BB cream) and hydrates it over a period of time (Check hydro properties available in your BB cream)

For those of us who have dark circle and pigmentation and blemishes concealer is your key product apart from corrector. Creamy concealer gives more coverage whereas liquids are lightweight and give less coverage but easy to blend. I prefer concealer with sharp precision or brush on the top or the one which comes with the wand as it helps to conceal better when concealing its very important to put a product precisely over right areas like under the eyes or any acne marks. You can use concealer even after your foundation if you don’t have much pigmentation and just highlight the feature of your skin.

Important Note- Always pick your concealer exact same shade of your skin not too light and not too dark as it will help to blend easily. It will also help you to conceal darker lips as well to pop my lip colour my third way to use concealer is to highlight brow bone in seconds. Also, I have a blog on a color correction which is very useful for all girls who have no idea about how to color correct click the link below and find the details.

Next Step is the most important step and my favorite step in whole makeup which is the foundation. Now I have full foundation blog for those who don’t know much about foundation so click the link below for complete foundation theory.

If you fall under dry skin category mix your foundation with little bit of hydrating moisturizer. If you have oily to combination skin just go for liquid foundation.Make sure to blend your foundation well either with a brush, sponge or finger.

Now the time is to finish off your look after fixing your foundation with fixing powder or compact whatever suits you well or if our want dewy finish you can skip powder part and directly apply fixing spray on our face with 8-9 inch away from your face and let it dry. Fixing spray comes under two categories first one which will gives you dewy finish and glow on your face and another one is mat finish which makes your skin looks more dry and set. So choose according to weather and your skin type.