Korean Anti Aging Tips to Maintain Youthful Appearance!!!


When should you start Anti Aging Care?
Skin Aging starts in the mid-twenties so if you are in your teens, why don’t you begin by using products with anti-aging elements as you must anticipate aging before it starts as Korean girls do and look attractive.

Korean Anti Aging Tips to Maintain Youthful Appearance!!!

Lifestyle-Make is sure you apply sun lotion every 2-3 hours, I know it might sound unmanageable in today’s environment but try to evade smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, Caffeine (hard for me) and overeating can also cause aging. Eat only when you are starving or try to take small eat in time.

Food- Like Ginseng, Anchovies, Beans, Fruits, vegetables are great to repair skin.
Ginseng and Beans truly act as an antioxidant, not only inhibits aging but also heals to diminish tiredness.
Anchovies prevent skin Aging as they remove current oxygen that promotes the method of Aging.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables undoubtedly helps to preserve our youthful skin because they have Vit a, B,& C which hinders you away from aging because they act as anti-aging antioxidants. Try to add Vit C serum in your everyday beauty regime. Take seasonal fruits and vegetables as enormously as you can primarily Cabbage and Brocolli are excellent anti-aging food that is also great for detox.

Surgical Procedures- It helps in lifting procedures improve collagen reproduction which increases the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles but depending upon the areas where you get it done you might stop feeling any consciousness on that part and it might not look even if its not done accurately there may be side effects so be careful before going for such process. I highly endorse that you preserve the vitality of the skin outwardly in the long term use of artificial means.

Massages-Tapping motion incites the lymph nodes, which eases to counter aging by improving blood circulation and eliminates waste. Massaging muscles often such as the V line of your face and areas above and in between the eyes and your laugh line areas around the mouth really helps to prevent wrinkles.

Ingredients-Collagen(Helps to maintain skin elasticity), Elastin(helps maintain the skin’s resiliency), Honey(Soothes & Calm skin) ,Ginseng(Helps in nourishment and act as an antioxidant), Hyaluronic acid(Helps to maintain moisture), these ingredients, and components that are beneficial for the dermis. It’s essential to care for the skin by using products with these ingredients and elements.

Note-Ginseng is Korea’s number 1 medicine for good health and it also carries beneficial properties for our skin.

Benefits of Ginseng-

  • Prevent Aging
  • Helps in maintaining skin elasticity
  • Lengthens the life span of skin cells
  • It is an antioxidant
  • It also helps to activate the skin and prevents the skin’s cells from aging.

So what are you pausing for, if you have reached beyond this line means you already care for your skin and require consideration towards it. Try above Korean Method and tag me if you do any modifications in your beauty regime as per above Korean Method.

Keep it Chic, Keep it Stylish
Love You All