Launch of American Style Resturant In Delhi “The Eaters”

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Recently I have been to the newly opened Resturant in GK South Delhi which is specialized in American food. As we all love junk food and western culture even when we know we have to do more exercise today in the gym just because of extra calories we had in our lunch, dinner or evening snacks. But who cares as long as its a matter of food because at the end of the day when we all gonna die it’s only food which is going with us not our money, value, fashion or extra push up in gyms.

So let me tell you all about this restaurant who are really good in taste, flavor, variety, serving etc. the best part of the restaurant is that they are really hygiene and they serve in Glass utensil.

First Of All, I would like to share their Menu Card in which all the variety and prices are mentioned.

I started with my all-time favorite burgers and at “The Eaters” they call it “The Spartan Sliders (Basically slides of 3 small burgers that too available in different colors like Green, Pink Black Purple Etc.)

They were tasty but very different in taste like Indian Burgers but anyways I will give this item 3.5/5 start rating.

The Spartans Price- 199/-

These red Burgers Called The Trumps same as green burger no change at all.

The Trumps Price-239/- I had a drink Uptown Funk with Orange Slice Inside the drink I loved it a lot. Inside this drink, you will find some jelly cubes which were fantastic in the mouth.

Uptown Funk Price-239/-

I tried Glocko Pop Lemonade which was watermelon Drink really refreshing. and best drink for summers.

Glocko Pop Lemonade Price- 249/-

How can I forget Best French Fries I ever Had in a Bowl full of Cheese my love. I never like french fries of any place even the one I had in China was waste of money for but this place definitely had great taste I french fries.

The sandwich is great love especially when its full of cheese and taste so here we go with an amazing open sandwich which looks great and taste well.

Magic Shroom Price- 209/-

First time in my life I loved Salad because it looks tasty and full of cheese and tasty stuff inside a bowl I call it Happiness in a bowl.

Burrito In A Bowl Price- 209/-

Hygiene- Its a matter of fact that if we are eating outside there should be hygiene because it directly affects our health. as their kitchen is in front you can see how it has been done.

Serving Method- They will serve you every liquid, salad in a beautiful glass jar even when you will order for home delivery they will serve you in the same kind of transparent glass jar through which you can see and feel what exactly inside t.

Food Quality- Amazing everything I tasted was having something great inside and which was making this restaurant food completely different and of course American.

Price- As per as the price concern is also not so high if we compare the quality and service they are providing to their customer.

Location- As we all know that south Delhi is already a very good and nice area of Delhi so we cant complaint about the location as its situated in GK 1 M Block Market.

Address- M-73, Shop 2, Greater Kailash-2, M Block Market, Block M, Greater Kailash II, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

Open Hours- 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

Phone: 011 4010 5459

Home Delivery – Yes

Below is the Menu Card of the Resturant You can Check even before the visit and decide in advance what to eat and what to not.

















































































































Let me know in the comment section below your experience at the restaurant.