Lessons My First Love Taught Me

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No, she didn’t teach me anything (although she was the teacher by profession), but yes she put me in such miserable situation which changed my life.

So here is my Story, In 10 Years my Love teaches me lots of Life Lessons

The year 2006:I was in 10th standard, Slim-trim short guy, a bookworm guy. Yes, it was me (Typically a Brother Zone guy). I introvert happy guy until this mistake happened. I SAW HER.

I heard my school friends talking about some girl, I just opened my book and ignored them. As I am hearing her name again and again (Her name is unique), I was curious to at least have a look. After class I saw her first time, standing in front of me. Beautiful, Gorgeous, Shining like LED Light (Fair and Lovely ad running through my mind).

Lesson No. 1: Love at first sight really exist. It really happens.

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The year 2007: New School, No Friends (Book Worm boy). Then I saw her again in my school. Is it really happening, are we taken admission in the same school, thousands of thoughts running through my mind? She saw me, ignored me :(. But I was happy at least I was getting a chance to see her happy.

But she changed her school in 2 months.

No Worries I know were she lives, where she goes for coaching. I know where and when to go to see her.

Biggest Problem: Lack of communication skills, No female friends, Lack of confidence, No looks, Weird Dress Style. In Simple words CHAMPUU. So never had guts to talk to her.

Lesson No. 2: Things never changes automatically, you need to be sure what you wanted to be.

Time to change me.

Blue sand falls in an hourglass on a rocky beach

The year 2010: Yes you are right I didn’t say anything to her till now. But but I am not the guy I was few years before, I am pursuing 3rd Year of Engineering. A changed me. One of the coolest boys in college, having lots of friends, Energetic, Smart and with an Awesome sense of humor.

(I used to read lots of books on Personality development, Dating, Love Stories, Positive Attitude )

Surprise, I know I cant talk to her in middle of the road, she knows me but still, can’t.

I found her in Orkut somehow (Thanks to her unique name). I checked her profile 100 times. Except that Katrina Kaif’s do everything was correct. Next notification Friend request accepted.

That first word that “Hii” .. I can’t forget that smile I had on my face. The happiness

I know exactly what to do, my charms works she became good friends with time. Exchanged Numbers. Happy Texting Time.

Lesson No. 3: Have Positive Thinking towards life, Magic automatically happens.

The year 2011: We were good friends now, I never told my felling directly. My naughty and flirty nature already told her everything. But still, we are just texting friends, I wanted to meet her face to face, want to talk to her directly.

Surprise Gift: I planned to gift her something special on her birthday. Master plan to meet her but plan fails. She didn’t come.

Lesson No. 4: Don’t try to over smart, Be confident but never overconfident.

But same year she insists me to teach her younger brother (Home Tuition). What really? I can go to her home every day, see her every day, talk to her. Seriously 🙂

I said Yes, and asked her to take me to her home.

Their she is Waiting for Me, Smiling when she saw me coming. That day I came to know about my biggest Weakness. That was Her Lips.

” Her Lips was my biggest weakness, I can’t stop my lips to smile whenever I see her Lips Smiling ”

I waited thousands of times to see her and the first time I saw her waiting for me.

Lesson No 5: Happiness is there, Yes It’s They’re waiting for you, You just need to know to keep walking towards it.

Man in Ithaca sitting next to a woman on a rooftop, making her laugh

The year 2012: the Whole year is awesome for me, I can see her every day, I can flirt with her in front of her Younger Brother (My Student). I share songs via Bluetooth to express how she is looking. Gifting her Chocolates indirectly (She loves Chocolates). But a time came to end up all these.

The year 2013 (A Year full of Surprises): Completed my engineering in 2012, Started my career as the Freelance developer in Delhi. Far away from her, I never said my felling directly because I never felt I need to, with her expression a stupid can understand that she is in relation to someone else but I was happy. I know one day she will understand what I feel for her, how much I respect her.

Unexpected Happened Those magical three words finally: She told she broke up with some guy. I helped her, I made her Smile. On 2nd July Texting her on FB, trying everything just to make her Smile and after few minutes of conversation, She said SHE Loves Me. “LUV U” I didn’t expect that was in shock. What is it really happening and their she is fighting with me to express my feelings. I was on cloud 9.

Lesson No. 6: Extreme Shock of Happiness can make you crazy but its worth to trust you and hard work to achieve anything you desire.

Same Year in August, Now I am in hometown, Eagerly waiting to see her. And Their she is first time coming to my home to meet me.

Time to show my romantic side, I asked her again to come home. This time we were in my room, No one to interfere.
I hold her hand, First-time yeas after 8 years I touched her first time. Her soft hand. She was standing in front of the mirror (I have a huge mirror in my room), I hold her from the back. First time I saw us together in that mirror, sliding my fingers on her stomach.Teased her for few minutes and she turned around and HUG ME tightly with her touch I can understand how much she loves me. Finally yes Finally I said those magical words in her ear I Love Youuuuu. I Love you soo much. and she replied I Hate You… (With a Smile), I kissed her on her forehead, then on cheeks and then she kissed my Lips. That awesome feel softness of her lips. We were both on the bed talking about random things what we feel about each other while Kissing each other. The first time I realized its hard to its hard to stop a girl when she wants to love you. 🙂

Lesson No 7: Love yourself, others will definitely accept you and start loving you.

The hard truth was waiting for me: For some training course she went to a different city, Now we are in two different cities. But anyway we are happy with the long-distance relationship. Until she her behavior changed, Suddenly she started talking to me rudely, not taking interest in Me.
This behavior driving me crazy, I called her asked,

why she is doing this ??, what happens to her, are you facing any problem ?? Where our Relationship is going??

She Replied: Get Lost from my life, Relationship? There was never a relationship, I was just PLAYING with you, you are just another guy in my life even you was never part of my life, This is the way I am. Never Call or meet me again.

(Sorry there was lot more she said but I can’t share that).

My Condition: I was in Shock. What, this can’t happen, how, why,… Its like she tried to kill with every line she said. Full of Depression. She didn’t even tell why she did that. FAKE Relation, Am I deserve this after waiting for so long. Making her happy and she gave to me.

Lesson No. 8: Don’t TRUST A person just because you have the emotional attachment with the, Sometimes Devil comes with Beautiful Smiling Face.

Now didn’t share anything with my friends, With my face, anybody can understand something bad happened to me. My stupid best friend I don’t know when she took her number from my phone, texted her my condition.

I found a couple of miss calls from her.

I Called her, To ask why she called now.
In a minute the volcano blasted inside me and I said everything how much I respected her, how much I trusted her, how much I did for her smile, And look what kind of condition I am. I just cut the call.

In few minutes I started crying, I way I never cried, This one is relaxing me, I can feel pain is coming out in form of Salted H2O.

Lesson No. 9: Never Play with someone emotion, Be straight what you want But never take advantage of someone’s feeling.

The year 2014: She came back, we are in the same town now, She wanted to FRIEND ZONE me (Just Be Friends), We met again it was my Birthday, same room, same place but things changed, She said the beautiful word SORRY. But I didn’t found any kind guilt n her face and she didn’t even tell why she did this to me, she just doesn’t want to discuss anything.

I don’t know how talking about the last meeting in the same room, we HUGGED Again, Kissed again. I didn’t felt like last time, then I realized it was not me, maybe it was my romantic nature she liked.

We meet a couple of times and did whatever we wanted.

Lesson No. 10: You don’t need emotion or feeling to have the physical relationship with someone. (This is what I learned from her).

Classic sunset silhouette of couple kissing with sea wind frizzing their hair

“But I never felt the same way the felt when she kissed me the first time”

Lesson No 11: Love your family does everything you want to do for them. They love you unconditionally.

Present Time: She got married to someone last December. But I am really happy for her, I didn’t wish her but I really want her to be happy.

What about me: Ya the lesson I learned because of her I applied in life and here I am :

A guy full of happiness and joy, Successful Engineer, working in a reputed company with handsome package in Bangalore. A freelance developer.

Dated lots of girls, kissed many (Never felt that same feeling with anybody) but never been in the relationship again but never played with anybody emotions.

But I can never forget her, I will be Thankful for her for such amazing life lessons. I just want her to be happy where she is.

And I am Happy with you or without You.

Hope you all like his story and learned something from his mistakes. I am happy for this guy as this story inspired me a lot.

Do you have a story please share with us would love to hear from you.