Let’s Learn Mastering of Matt Lips in Three Different Ways!!!


BLURRED LIPS-I loves how soft and dramatic it looks when you creating that look you need to choose the formula which blends very easily and not very shiny (Matt yet soft in texture) for example Mac because that will give you very soft matt finish that also delivers moistures which will not dry up your lips.
Step 1-Apply the lipstick at the centre of your lips so when you apply your lipstick it’s very important you really don’t go too far down or too high up you really want to keep it in the centre.
Step-2-Use a lip brush to bring out the colour from centre to outside in a diffused look which really fades out.
This can be your everyday look because there will be lipstick on your lips but not too much and in a defined way and it also gives you a pop-up colour.

OMBRE LIP- You can take your lipstick game 1 level up without trying hard and look absolutely fantastic.
Step-1-Take lighter shade and apply it to the outline of your lips
Step-2- Now take a darker shade and apply it on the centre of your lips if you are not confident enough about going with dark lipstick take it on your finger and dab it at the centre of your lips
Step-3-Now take your finger and blend the area of lips where both colours are meeting to create an ombre effect and you are done.
Note-Make sure to choose the colour wisely both colours should intersect each other.

MONOCHROMATIC LOOK-I love this look because it’s a really great way to look super polish and it’s really easy to do.
Step-1- Take your lipstick and apply that on your lip straight from the bullet
Step-2- Apply same Lipstick over your eyelids with the help of fluffy eye brush and blend it out
Step-3-Swipe it over the cheeks and blend it in skin properly and you are ready with Monochromatic look.

Let me know if you try any of the looks or all of them don’t forget to tag me

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