Let’s Make This Christmas Red & Glam Like Celeb!!!


Hey, You lovely ladies today I am going to show you all some of my pick from celeb style which is all red and sexy, stylish, glam, etc. I have picked up some serious red styles wore by our celebs on a different occasion but we all can take an inspiration for this Christmas which is around the corner.

Sequence Love- Ananya Pandey is making the news almost every weekend from her style statement am sure her PR is really working hard but apart from all that thing, she is actually a new fashionista in Bollywood who really knows how to carry any particular dress.

Layering, Layering, Layering! It is all we know most important and basic rules in winters to follow and look different from others and yet manage to turn head. Sonam is pretty good at turning head with the styling sense she got and ultimately she is the one who pulls everything very casually. Don’t you agree with me?

Frills Magic- She is a bomb at this age where most of the celebrity looks pretty old she managed with her Yoga and Gym together I guess which is pretty good that we are still following her for her style statement. In this dress which is quite a girly dress I feel is perfectly going n her figure and her Aura.

Comfy Style- When we talk about aged Celeb she also hit the list with her Yoga and of course, she is fabulous and especially her stylist is going too far and experimenting with very different styles and she managed to look great in all the dresses she wears. This flowy dress is very comfy yet stylish to wear, I go for comfy dresses instead of sticky ones.

Cuteness Overloaded- Katrina Kaif is the one to whom we count in the beautiful face in Bollywood with innocence and sweet smile she always carries. Her style statement is also very cute. She easily pulls off such girly dresses with elegance. If you are the one who loves cuteness follow her style.

I hope with Comfy, Sequence, Layering, Cuteness combo you must have found out your Christmas magic to create within and out of your circle to turn head. Till my next fashion article, you all need to
Keep It Chic, Keep It Stylish
Love You All