Let’s Talk About Mens Grooming and Regime

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We often talk about beauty and grooming in the matter of Girls but we forgot that Men needs grooming too especially these days guys are so particular about their grooming and it’s something shows their love about themselves and it is a good sign as well towards progressing India. And we girls love those guys who are groomed enough and very particular about themselves and how they look this shows the seriousness in Men.

Today I would be telling you about a grooming range “LABEL M” The official haircare product of the London Fashion Week – is an award-winning fashion-inspired range developed by professional stylists under the creative eye of a dynamic International Artistic Team led by Toni Mascolo & Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck.

Label.m formulations are where art collides with science. Created by hairdressers for hairdressers, the dynamic, award-winning collection combines naturally sourced ingredients, essential oils with exclusive label.m technologies.

Launched in 2005 with 15 distinctive products, the current label.m collection incorporates over 81 products, many of which are Paraben, Chloride and Sodium Chloride free, categorized into a simple 4C system: Cleanse, Condition, Create and Complete. The innovative offering includes Label.Men, Therapy Rejuvenating, Organic, Thickening and Brightening Blonde collections as well as Lab Remedy – our in-salon only professional treatment range.

Label.M combines the most effective naturally sourced ingredients and essential oils alongside exclusive label.m technologies that ensure your hair is beautiful from the inside out.There are eight unique technologies within the label.m range, each one created for a specific need to give a top performance and flawless results.

Men’s Grooming 
Label M Scalp Purifying Shampoo and Label M Invigorating Conditioner: Tha shampoo and conditioner are designed to leave the scalp and hair looking healthy. Suitable for all hair types, it is formulated with exclusive elements, which contains soothing botanicals to stimulate hair growth. micronization Technology and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 strengthen and thicken hair. the cooling peppermint fragrance of the conditioner increases circulation for nourished scalp and hair.
Price: 2,500 for 250ml; 6,500 for 1000ml; (shampoo)
  Price: 2,500 for 250ml; 6,500 for 1000ml; (condioner)
Lebel M Max Wax: This a re-workable wax that adds definition and boosts volume, whilst providing ultimate hold. suitable for all hair types, it controls coarse, wavy and thick hair, and provides shine.
Price: 2000 for 50ml
Label M Thickening Tonic: Its lightweight get-to-liquid texture adds definition and boosts volume. Tha spray allows you to sculpt and create the desired hairstyle and provides a long-lasting hold.
Price: 2,500 for 150ml
Lebel M Grooming Cream:  It is a lightweight designed to create natural definition and control. Protein-rich licorice root and essential oils nourish the hair scalp, whilst reducing frizz. It can be used as leave-in styling product to build texture, or applied to wet hair prepare for styling.
Price: 2.500 for 150ml
Lebel M Scalp Tonic: It promotes healthy hair growth when used along with scalp tonic. Formulated with Peppermint, Indian sandalwood, New Zealand Tea Tree, French Oak, Sugar Beet Plant, and vitamins, it Stimulates activity for hair follicles for a thicker, fuller appearance. Suitable for sensitive scalp.

Price: 2,500 for 150ml
Lebel M Sculpting Pomade: This is a water-based  Product designed to control movement and hold hair without weighing it down. Mould, sculpt and experiment to create tour desired hairstyle with a natural shine finish. it is washed out easily with water.
Price: 2,000 for 50ml
Lebel M Deconstructor: This is a versatile, matte-textured product that lifts roots for a long-lasting, fuller look. Mould, sculpt and experiment to create your desired hairstyle with a firm hold And a dry matte finish. Suitable for all hair types.
Price 2,000 for 50ml
Any other information required  https://labelm.com/uk/