Lipstick Hack All Girls Should Know!!!

Prep your lips no matter what!!!

Prep your lip before applying any products on your lips especially matt lipstick. Apply a generous amount of lip balm and then go over with clean toothbrush and just brush off your lips because this is going to exfoliate any dead skin on your lips and the lip balm will really moisturize your lips.

Hide all Pigmentation on your Lips

All you need to do is to apply a small amount of concealer or foundation as this will cover your lip and give you even skin tone and lipstick will show up much more even and much more vibrant. Make sure to perform Exfoliation hack before this process.

Get Perfect Shape

Its really easy to do just take your lip liner pencil and draw an X on top middle portion of your lips and then just go ahead and connect all corner rest of your lips like you normally would and there you go and have a perfect fuller lips in shape.

Correct way of Using Liquid Lipstick

Whenever you use liquid lipstick make sure you use tip of the applicator to outline your lips to create shape and then go ahead and fill in rest of your lips and you should now have perfectly shape lips.

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Correct Shape Of Messy Lips without Removing Lipstick

Just in case you unman-aged perfect lip lines don’t you worry about it take some concealer or shame shade foundation of your skin tone on a small brush and clean up the line and you can also use concealer pencils one like which comes in NYX to correct the shape of your lips as pencil makes the job so much more convenient easy and it gives really nice sharp edge.

Customize Your Lip Color with Nude Lipstick

You all must have one nude shade of Lipstick in your collection and that is the perfect color to change any lip color into sobby lips. Now you can make that sobby lips by applying nude lipstick on any other brighter and deeper lip to get your own beautiful customized lip shade in just seconds.

Mattify Any Lipstick

You just need to have a tissue paper and loose powder in your makeup pouch am sure you all must have that what you need to do is to put a tissue over your lips and take loose powder in your medium makeup brush and rub it off on your lips and it will mattify any lip color and consistency within a seconds and also make them super lasting.

Avoid Getting Lipstick over your Lips

Just Take Index Finger suck on it like so and Voila all that amount of lipstick that was suppose to come on your lips is now on your finger instead and now you can smile as bright and nice as you can.

Creating An Illusion Of Fuller Lips

Take shimmery white eye shadow or a highlighter and apply a little bit on your cupid bow and also on the center of your bottom lips and then take brown eye shadow and place it right under the center of bottom lips as this is really going to enhance the lips and gives the illusion of plumper and fuller lips.

Not Getting Exact shade on your lips?

Generally it happens that we do not get exact shade on our lips which we see on the bullet what you need to do is that take a tissue paper and blot your lips with tissue and reapply shade again and this will really bring our the pigment of the lipstick on your lips and it will also increase the longevity of the lipstick.

Create Radiance Lips

To add the extra dimension on your lips you need to apply the darker shade of lipstick and then go in with lighter shade within the center of the lips and there you go that’s how you get radiance on your lips.

I really hope that you enjoy reading this article about lipstick hacks if you do let me know in the comment section below which one is your favorite and why?

Love You All XOXO!!!

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