Open Relationship V/S Commitment Relationship! Wanna Know real people’s thoughts about it? Do Read!!!

So this time I am writing about people’s thoughts over “Open Relationship” and to be frank, earlier I was a little doubtful about this entire theory but after having lots of examples revolving around I still do not have any conclusion but at the same time I am not confused about it anymore because I respect each person’s thoughts and their perception because life is all about excepting each other without judging them because you never know what they are going through and being forgiving you are actually creating a better society.

My Perception of this whole concept is at the end of this blog.

Consultant- I have known people who have been in open relationships. Till the time it’s consensual to all the people involved and brings them happiness, it’s all good. It’s a matter of preference. But I have also noticed that seldom one or the other party does get emotionally too involved expecting exclusivity, which makes it complicated and sometimes even hurtful. I personally prefer monogamy and exclusivity. I can’t bear the notion of sharing my man or his attention.

Engineer- It’s a choice. But again you need to be inevitable about it something people want to explore and agree on something like this and might regret later. If someone plans on getting into an open relationship I would suggest discussing, question your self (is it really your thing)
But again sometimes it can just be an experience.
A good one!

Manager at MNC- Open relationship needs two really matured people. Even if you can be sure of yourself and stick to the “stated” rules, the other partner might not handle it that well. I think any relationship, even an ‘open relationship’ cannot be without any clear communication, rules and similar value/belief system. Both partners need to be on the same level emotionally & mentally. I tend to be possessive, dreamy in a relationship, love the exclusivity so it is not for me. But I would prefer knowing exactly what my partner is thinking in terms of use and that we are on the same page, no matter what kind of relationship we are in.

Telecom Manager- Have never been in one but if it’s keeping both the people involved happy then it’s worth the risk. Plus emotional unavailability is possible even in monogamy. If its communicated and both agree, it should be okay.

Student- Open relationships seem to be a good idea but even the mature fall so hard that it gets ugly.
If you opt for it then you should be very very strong mentally and accept that your partner is not completely yours. In my case, I can’t even dream of it. Loyalty is everything!!!

Psychologist- Open relationship is legal. It totally depends on both partner trust and acceptance. If both are ok with then ask your friends to give it a try. Make sure later on Jealousy should not come in the picture.

Dubbing Director- Yes, my relationship started like that both of us were damaged coz of our past relationships and did not want anything serious but after some time things got super complicated because we started falling in love while I was about to get married to another person.
There were fights, disagreements, passionate lovemaking, cheating everything but we never could separate. Finally, I called off the wedding that was about to happen. Don’t feel bad for that guy. He turned out to be a______. We cried, we loved, we sorted our issues and now for the last one and half years, we are sharing the happiest, passionate, committed and devoted relationship which is full of love and sincerity. Loving it a lot.

NIFT Student- It’s better to be in an open relationship than to be with someone and not love them purely. Cheating is not just physical but more over-emotional.

Manager at MNC- I think if people are okay about it they should go ahead with it, but the question is will the guy really be okay with seeing the girl with some other man and she picks someone else over him?
We have seen in historic ways and experienced too that women forgive cheating men and never talk about it.
Men catch a woman talking to a man or let’s say cheating too he would never forget and would remind how he has taken so much effort to be with you. I am saying this based on my conversation with multiple women.
Also, if it’s open why call it a relationship stick to friends with benefit no drama involved, at all?
Like in an open relationship there is still one person expecting a god damn loyalty that might just take roots someday but until then let there be no fog that might break one’s heart. The open relationship still comes in defined terms, I’d say ask your friend to get clarity if they want an open relationship or a Friends with benefits thing. A friend with benefit is you act like lovers for a couple of hours and then things go back to normal single life.

Brand Marketing and PR- People seek open relationships for multiple factors – lack of compatibility, lack of mental stimulation and growth, dissatisfaction in bed, on general fatigue with each other. If both the partners are for it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Just go for it!

Content Writer- Sorry fiercely monogamous. I can’t wrap my head around the concept of open relationships. But then if the couple has a very very good understanding then it should be ok. Also, I don’t know in the beginning but I feel after a couple of months of resentment, jealousy, possessiveness, anger are bound to happen. And maybe I am old fashioned, but why to marry if you can’t commit to monogamy.

Art Director- I’m polyamorous – I can & do love, multiple people, simultaneously, each in a different way because each one resonates with a different part of myself – so I actually prefer open relationships. It does require a totally different level of maturity, trust & understanding. Not all partners are ok with it. Some people are possessive & can’t deal with the idea of their partner being with anyone else but them, in which case you either remain exclusive or end the relationship. This depends on how happy you are in that relationship vs. how much you need the freedom of an open relationship. I was dating someone who wasn’t ok with open relationships, but we were happy in our relationship, so we stayed exclusive for the 2 years we were together. (We later broke up for other reasons.) On the other hand, some people prefer open relationships because it lets you have companionship without the commitment, plus it lets all the parties involved keep their options open. I’ve been in open relationships with 3 different people simultaneously & it worked well. l made it a point to tell each of them about the others – who they are & what my bond with them is about. They were slightly difficult conversations to have, but they went a long way in building understanding & trust. The bottom line is that you, your primary partner & both of your other partners must all be comfortable with the situation. Establish a set of rules that you can all live with & stick to them. Communicate immediately if something feels wrong. Like if you thought you’d be ok with an open relationship but you realize you can’t really deal with it, tell your partner immediately instead of letting it corrode your relationship.

EDIT Adding this for those who think open relationships aren’t “real” or “valid” relationships:
You can love someone intensely, care about their well-being, be intimate with them both physically & emotionally, enjoy their company intellectually, & respect them as individuals, all without feeling the need to “possess” them in a monogamous way. Because true fidelity is not an imposition, it’s a choice. When your partner is free to be with someone else but still chooses to come home to you every night, it’s the highest form of honesty/sincerity/fidelity in a relationship. This level of trust is what an open relationship is about.

My Perception- I believe we have one life and we have full right to explore each part of our interest but only with those who are with us on the same page. By that I mean you need to be clear about it since the beginning and you should not keep your partner in dark by deceiving the fact of your real interest in open relationships. Open Relationship does require maturity and understanding and also a practical mind and approach towards the concept of open relationship. I personally cannot be in an open relationship with my preference.