Petite Women Fashion Tips To Elongate Their Look

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First of all, there are some terms used in Fashion Industry to differentiate between each personality and today I would be telling you some Fashion tip on Petite Women

Petite Stands ForPetite is a word which we use to define a woman who is thin and small in an attractive way. And as we all know there are some fashion rules for each body shape and size which we need to follow so that should not come in bizarre fashion content.
Right Size-Clothing Companies often fail to acknowledge that petite women still have broad shoulder, Wide Hips, and well curves. This is why Petite clothes tend to run small you may need to size up when you shop petite. You may have to think twice before shopping.
Fitted– Well fitted top and dresses are your best friend, avoid boxiness it rarely compliment a petite frame. As in baggy dress or lose top your body shape does not compliment which ultimately adds too much weight to your baggy style and makes you look shorter.
Minis– Minis elongate the legs and enhance the frame. That’s not to say that all petite women should want to look taller. It’s a matter of preventing the visual diminishing of inches from one’s height. If you want to look heightened then mini should be your best friend. Especially when you want to impress your loved ones with your style and confidence.
Monochrome– Instead of busy pattern opt for a more monochrome outfit with a touch of color. Monochrome is really a great way to make you look appear sexy and appealing without too many efforts and make you stand out in the crowd.
High Waist– High Waisted pants and skirts were created to be worn by petite women. This fashion is actually made for short girls who can easily pull this look without any suggestions. Because high waist elongates your overall look.
Shoes– No you don’t have to always wear sky-high heels, ankle booties or boots that stop just below the knee look good too. I would suggest you opt for high length boots to give yourself tempting look. And of course to enlarge your body shape and size.

Trends To Avoid for Petite Women

Tunics– As they cover up your body till thighs which will ultimately make you look shorter in height so avoid wearing tunics.
Baggy Jeans– These kinds of jeans are simply not meant for Petite women they are supposed to be worn by people who had big thighs and legs to avoid their leg shape which is not in shape.
Midi Skirt– As the length of Midi skirts are below knees which again gives your body shorter look they look good on heightened women.
Mid Calf Boots– Either You Opt for High length boot or ankle length boots but never opt for mid-calf boots. Doesn’t look good on Petite women.
Bermuda Shorts– These shorts are meant for Big Boys and of course heightened women.
Oversized Bag– As they low down your personality, better opt for sling bag or clutches or even mid-size bag but never carry oversized bag.
So not to worry if you come under petite category just follow my advice and look fantastic and fabulous.