Pre & Post Holi Care For Everyone

Get Rid Of Stubborn Holi Color- A day before Holi, apply body oil all over your body and massage it into the skin. This hydrates skin so that it consumes less color the next day. You can also oil your hair to form a protective shield on strands.

Just Before Holi Celebration- Just an hour before you play Holi, apply body lotion to your body. Shield the area around the eyes by applying Vaseline and rub a dash of baby oil on eyelashes and nails. Always wear full-sleeved clothing to avoid direct revelation to colors.

Post Holi Routine For Everyone to Follow- Use a gentle face wash and body wash all over and gently scrub the skin with a loofah to get rid of the color. Use a clarifying shampoo to rinse color from hair. After the shampoo, apply conditioner on the lengths of hair. Leave on for a couple of minutes and rinse with cold water. Use color-protecting conditioner for color-treated hair. After your shower, don’t forget to apply a nourishing body lotion and face moisturizer as the skin tends to become dry due to excess color and sun exposure.

Making sure Holi Color Doesn’t affect your Skin- Make sure to use organic colors to play Holi and remember to apply either oil or moisturizer all over your body, especially exposed body parts before playing Holi.

Get Rid Of Skin Redness and Allergy- The redness is caused by an allergic reaction to the Holi colors that are often adulterated with heavy metals and engine oils. Always use a good moisturizer to soothe skin afterward and you may use a mild steroid and antibiotic based cream to take care of the allergy.

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