Six Makeup Trends That Men Finds Unattractive & Disgusting!!!

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Thanks to Instagram and youtube makeup tutorials that girls are turning into makeup gurus well it’s pretty clear that girls wear makeup because it makes them feel happy that hasn’t stopped guys from forming an opinion on the subject while we might not agree from their likes or dislikes I thought I should hear guys out.

Overdone Eyebrows

It seems like makeup world is going through an eyebrow craze and you may think guys don’t pay much attention to your eyebrows but you would actually be wrong. Considering they are a prominent feature on your face, Men have some pretty wrong opinions when it comes to the way they look. that being said we think you should wear your brows however you like as since the popularity of “Instagram Eyebrow” become the mainstream many people have started focusing a lot more on this part of the face. Back in the 90’s, the skinny brows were in and now that fuller brows are all the rage, those of us who overplucked in the 90’s need a way to keep up that means piling on the eyebrow makeup just to get a nice fuller look.The problem with this is most guys aren’t digging this trend. While they don’t mind a natural looking brow, when they see it overdone, or too boxy, it turns to be a turn-off. They would much rather “See less is more” approach with all makeup including eyebrows.

Still, if you like whatever you do with your eyebrows then don’t give a damn what guys think about you and your makeup. Confidence is always more attractive than any amount of makeup you put on.

Sticky Lip Gloss

This next trend is unattractive to guys, but it’s not because of the way it looks. When it comes to the appearance of lip gloss on girls guys are pretty indifferent. They really don’t care how shiny your lips are what they more concerned about is how kissable they are, and when you wear sticky lip gloss, that means they aren’t kissable at all. But if you really want glossy lip shade because it makes your lips soft and subtle then there is an alternative by which you can get soft subtle lips without making your lips so sticky. Just apply any good lip balm before your lipstick and here you go that you will not have soft lips but they look irresistible too.

Kylie Jenner Lips

Wearing overlined lipliner and lipstick is known as Kylie Jenner lips. Everyone from Bloggers to Instagrammer started that trend, and we have to admit it looks pretty amazing. But for some reason, men just can’t get on the board, what they consider over the top look. Once again this is chalked up to overlined lips not looking natural. We are started to see a trend here, are you? Apparently overlining your lips gives men a vision of clown dancing in their head. But as long as you don’t go overboard men are ok with that and even if they are not ok then who cares we girls do makeup for ourself, not for guys then leave it as it is.

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Cake Face

For some reason when someone decides to wear a hefty amount of foundation on their face people call it a cake face. which to me feel like an unnecessary derogatory statement. I see nothing wrong with foundation nor the amount of it as long as it is applied in a proper way and shade of skin. But guys who don’t have knowledge about it take it otherwise and do not like it once again I think that because men find it unnatural. They would much rather see the beautiful skin underneath your makeup also they don’t like hugging women and having half of her face makeup imprinted on their shirt. I understand it’s not nice to have makeup stains on anything, but that shouldn’t stop girls wearing as much makeup as they please.

Rosy Cheeks

We all know that having a little rouge on your cheeks gives you a youthful glow and even if you are an avid blush wearer, there is a pretty good chance men don’t even notice you’re wearing it. On the other hand, if you are women that you like to take it over the top and pile on the blush, it might be working against you, I understand if you are using your blush for an artistic statement or a simple night out. But for reason wearing a large amount of rosy blush is something men aren’t in to and I believe not even girls like it as it says excess of everything is bad so it goes with makeup too.

Overdone Eye Makeup

When women wear heavy, black or dark eye makeup, it’s a real turn off for some guys that’s not to say guys don’t like a smokey eye. It turns out, they actually love a sultry eye look when it’s done correctly. They think it can add elegance and intrigue to the women wearing it. But they also think sometimes it can be overdone and when that happens, it does the complete opposite instead of looking alluring you look a raccoon or someone who just got done cleaning a chimney. That being said it is almost always associated with a night out. So showing up for a day date with a full-blown smokey eye could also be a big turn off. According to men, there is time and place for this look. But according to us, we think anytime is a great time for a bold smokey eye.

What are your views about this blog and did you find any other makeup look unattractive?

If yes then comment down below.