Sometimes you must look it in the face and say it aloud, “Stress ….OUT!”

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Sometimes you must look it in the face and say it aloud, “Stress ….OUT!”When we tell our life stories, we narrate the stories of challenges and how we faced it, or we speak of situations wherein choices had to be made and how we did what was the right thing to do. Ever thought, why we don’t talk about what lies beneath. Are we shy? Do we fear being judged or do we simply take it for granted that, ‘oh its an integral part of our adulthood’, and we have learned to tame it like an animal in a circus? That ‘it’ is responsible for so many things that enter into our mind, bodies and life in forms of migraines, impulsive overeating, temper going loose and relationships getting sour.

Stress – something that has a significance of being addressed as a mere ‘it’ in a sentence becomes an invisible beast with a mind of its own. Don’t believe it… look around and talk to women who have children appearing for board exams, women who must balance work and life including house-help and support staff to do daily errands or women in a salon just wanting to get rid of aching backs, swollen necks, fine lines and what not in the name of relaxation.

The above are mere symptoms and we go around solving them like a puzzle and week after week we do the same routine. Either through medicines, spas or comfort food, skin and diet clinics, expensive holidays… yet we need a vacation after a vacation.

Maybe, it’s time to think a little differently and in a more scientific way to understand the root cause of why we are so stressed and then strengthen the core of our minds and bodies to deal with stress in a scientific manner with the help of experts and councilors.

I came across one such workshop titled “Stress-OUT”, an all-women program, organized by the Meshlinks to help women across various age groups, professionals, and backgrounds, recognize the stress and manage it at multiple stages. The co-founder and director, Shripal Shah designed this workshop with all women faculty and has been successfully driving it. Shripal says, “The idea for this workshop was to help bring a new and contemporary perspective to manage stress amongst urban women in India. We have successfully held workshops for 300 women participants in 3 months and the feedback is overwhelming.”


While formulating the program, the team did an extensive research and went deep into what was really going on with women in current times and where the gaps were when it comes to identifying stress and the after-effects of the problem. The idea behind the workshop has been to enable participants to apply simple concepts to deal with stress in a scientific manner with the help of tools and methods, trained by experienced and well-qualified experts from Meshlinks.

Stress-OUT is an 8 hours program with 3 modules, consisting of how to handle workplace stress situations, clinical techniques to handle body and mind, and communication & image management.

Module 1 is conducted by Ms. Sharika Kaul wherein she discusses how to identify stress and its influencing factors. She goes further into helping the participants realize the stress signals and maintain balance keeping the situation positive and under control. Sharika comes with 17 years strong experience in corporate and she has further worked on prestigious assignments independently. Her experience and ability to see through the root cause of a situation is exemplary, making the session very interactive and helping participants relate better to what really happens when they are stressed.


“If people must lead better lives, it’s not just important to manage stress but also manage our responses to stress stimuli. The latter in effect makes a lot of difference on how we must view stressful situations in our lives.”, comments Sharika Kaul, Strategist and Stress Management Consultant.

Module 2 is conducted by Ms. Rachna Tuli, who is a trained counselor and psychology expert with multiple credits to her. Her module is fun with lots of activities and lots of talking… in mindful silence. She brings the needed clinical psychology side to the participants wherein their sensory systems get involved into deeper understanding on learning stress management techniques. This module brings the body and minds out in a mode to acknowledge conscious efforts and breathing patterns that can lead to a stress-free zone. Rachna has designed this module keeping the need to identify stress signals and helping participants with much-needed tools to apply to get Stress OUT of their life.

Module 3 is conducted by experts Bhuvaneshwari Sawant & Sonal Gadhvi, who are certified Image consultants from reputed Image Consulting Business Institute™. They conduct this session based on the need for communication in difficult times and how to look the part especially when challenges stand in the face and you must be bold and brave to manage it. This session is very interactive and helps women learn how to look and act the part while managing their image effortlessly. Bhuvaneshwari Sawant & Sonal Gadhvi, Chief Image Consultants for Stress-Out workshops, comment, “We joined this stress eradication revolution with MESHLINKS to remind women of their self-worth and achieve all those dreams that they had forgotten about through our unique holistic approach of Image Management”.



A lot of women are benefiting from this experience and you too can benefit by enrolling in the next workshop coming up in April 2018. For more enrolment details or queries, you can email at

We are sometimes just a step away from a solution, so take that step and get “Stress-OUT!