Style Mistakes That Totally Make You Look Old!!!

We all do some mistakes while styling ourselves which totally made us look like an aged person which is a bad sign of styling so today in this blog I am going to share some tips which totally aged us let’s not look aged and try to look younger than our age and I believe every girl or guy wants to look younger than their age. So let’s get into this article and save our time and money while we shop for ourselves.

OFF Balance- Balance is important when it comes to stylish look wearing oversized clothing disrupt that delicate equilibrium that can really age you. Many women wear clothing that hides their shape or fits oversized in a way that just looks like they rolled out of bed and into a drapey dress. Covering up can look dated and uncomfortable. If you are wearing the voluminous sweater on top make sure to balance it with a tailored or fit, slim fit bottom for a wide bottom fix it with fitted or tailored top.

I think once women reach a certain age, or their bodies change after children they no longer want to wear fitted clothing so they go to the opposite extreme. wearing a potato sack actually makes you look larger than you are adding a cropped jacket gives a visual point to your waist.

Large Prints- Especially tight fitting item like leggings are an absolute no ways they are just too loud and don’t help you look at your best you want to wear leggings because your legs get cold when you’re wearing that adorable sweater dress with boots in winter go with the neutral color like black and you ‘ll’ look just fine.

Dating Yourself- Unless it’s a Halloween outfit comprised entirely of vintage pieces or too many accessories can make you look older than you think. Never pair two items of clothing usually associated with the older generation. This is why pairing like tweer jacket with skinny jeans quite popular.

Pearl Fail- Well ladylike pearls are enjoying rennacanse there is a wrong way to wear them leone Ribobo president of Los Angles that pearl source says that celebs like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian even Kate Middleton are sparking the interest in classy stone you can just on the strand of pearl to complete a look like you do with many accessories. But do not overdo as we all know excess of anything is bad.

Outdated Denim- The wrong jeans can reveal quite a bit about your age. Better to invest in classic styles like skinny and boat cut in darker washes as they are elegant and ageless and will never go out of styles wearing styles that are outdated such as certain washes like boiled denim or too hip, like the cropped flare or wide leg can age you. So skip the trend and opt for a timeless style.

If you find this blog good enough then do share your views and comment down your style secret of not looking aged at all.

Well, one thing I want to say that if you are all about that vintage aesthetics then there is nothing wrong in it as long as you feel confident and comfortable in your attire it’s completely fine because the styling is all about self-expression.

Keep It Chic, Keep It Stylish,