Thanks For Leaving Me And Making Me More Strong

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We dated for 5 long years and then you left me saying your family will not accept me because I am not of your religion. These lines were different the time we started dating each other. Despite knowing that I love someone else you took me as a challenge and handled me with care, Love, And you asked me 1 chance so that you can make me love you and am glad you did that but then why?

When there is no future of being together why you asked that 1 chance.

Although it was a tough time for me to get out of depression as we say nothing is impossible, so I came out to be normal after 3 months of depression. And I joined new job made myself so busy and came to know that You were a dream a good dream who made me strong enough to handle anything in my life alone because you were my best friend first and boyfriend later on so I can say I was having only you with me with whom I share each and everything of my life,  my whole day stories,  incidents, jokes, laugh. We have seen almost everything together like traveling, the joy of life, the worst case of life and we both handled everything really well without third person’s help.

What hurts me more than this relationship of knowing about your engagement in my 2016 bday and knowing about your marriage date on 2017 bday nothing else except the timings of both the news came to me Ultimately.
Well it’s more then 2 years we broke up and I am over you completely but I became a kind of girl who doesn’t trust any guy now and because of that reason I don’t even give chance to any guy and take your place now I see only dark side and side effect rather then my happiness. I have changed a lot in my thinking although I need someone too besides me but I had a fear of getting used. I hate being used by anyone also I don’t want to become’s anyone’s backup plan or second choice.

Finally, you are getting married and I am happy for you I wish you all the best and happy married life ahead. Whatever is best for you god gave you that option and whatever will be good for me I am sure I ‘ll get that. It’s over from your marriage and now I don’t want to spend a single minute thinking about you. Although I still can’t stop my tears coming out of my eyes while writing this story and I can’t stop that but one thing I can surely stop that is I won’t love anyone now like the way I loved you and I can’t hate you for what you did but I don’t love you too.

Last but not least I wish you all the best for the rest of your life and with God Grace, you will be having a beautiful family.

Your’s Chota Bheem

Love You as a Friend!!!