This New Year is Going to be a Sleeves Year in Fashion world for sure!!!

New Year is around the corner and is sure most of you must be planning for what to wear and how to look all glam up and sensuous. While some of you already bought from your preferred stylist, I am just warming up your wardrobe styling a bit in just 5 minutes.

This new year is going to be all about different sleeve styles and I am amazed to see designers work in so many different ways which actually elevating the whole style just by sleeves pattern in their outfit.

Deepika is my favorite with my favorite complexion I love a lot she is giving us the major role of the phrase saying “Orange is new Black” but with some different styling pattern in her sleeves. 

Sonakshi Sinha always carry her body style in some appealing yet classy ways most of the time so in this outfit 2 elements we can see first is a tradition (Saree) and the following one is “Stylist sleeves” which is truly adding a bit of drama.

How can we talk about fashion and does not include Sonam Kapoor? It’s a sin not to check her style statement which is always different from all the celebrities in Bollywood. She always tops the chart when it comes to even weirdest styling but she carries and makes it look sassy instead of weird style. Her sleeves are quite a baggy style yet very satisfying in such winters.

So check these dancing sleeves and lots of glitters that too in the cool blue shade is majorly giving us some serious glitter and puffy sleeves.

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If looks really did kill… 👀

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Isn’t she already a very gorgeous lady in the Fashion World? I literally swear by her styling statement and her voice she is my personal favorite since I started to enter in this world of fashion and beauty. Her Flowy elbow-length sleeves look very graceful because she knew how to carry style but in reality, such style sleeves are not so good looking on others if not properly handled.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and have some serious mood to add some sleeves drama in your wardrobe for sure till my next article.
Keep It Chic, Keep It Stylish.
Love You All