Travel Hacks You Must Know!!! Also My Real Life Experiences before writing this one for all of you

Have you ever wondered that traveling will be super fun if you ll be a little bit organized? Yes, you apprehended me right being in traveling job I am telling you from my experience because I have seen people cribbing about traveling backpacking a lot even because they take pressure in their mind because they keep on thinking what if they will forget anything to pack?

Well, I will make it easy for all of you because I know the pain of forgetting things at home because of pressure and then I regret to arrange at a new location. You won’t believe once I misremembered to carry my comb, I was staying that time in a budget hotel and it was not even my vacation it was my official trip where I had to be available at the time and move my client location.

So in this chapter, I am going to give you some of my travel Hacks during traveling so without further delay let’s read it through,

1) Always Have Scan Copy of your Documents in your mobile in case of emergency.
My real Life Example- I forgot to carry my passport in China once when I was in a club just for food and Police came to me for questioning well thankfully I was carrying my hotel keys through which I control the situation and got free from them in 10 min while one Bollywood celebrity was also there with a hooker who went out from club after watching police (Lol, Just a true Snoop won’t write his name here)

2) Carry some basic medicine- Let’s face it, traveling is tiring so just in case if you feel unwell at least you can manage till you reach your location and able to work as per your guidelines.
Real-Life Example- I was in Hyderabad and I befell sick on the second day of my tour and I did not have time to go to dr because of back to back meetings and it made my trip hell and meetings disasters.

3) Carry Some Extra Clothes – You should carry some extra clothes for your travels forever which will save you additional money to buy something for unexpected dinner plans, Impromptu Brunch date, Abrupt friend plan, etc
Real-Life Example- I was in Banglore and it was only 2 days trip for all formal conferences and suddenly one of my clients invited me to join him for dinner thank god I was having one casual comfy to wear that time to preserve my funds and time.

4) Carry small scents in your purse- While shopping for perfumes ask for some samples which they give in smallest size which you can carry in your wallet and when you are about to enter in your meetings just spray a bit near your neck, wrist, and some on clothes to look and smell fresh.
Real-Life Example- I was flying to Mumbai for a Business show and I forgot to carry my fragrance but my luck was great that day while I was coming out of flight air hostess were presenting us some pouch and voila it was with small sample fragrance which saves my ass and time at the airport and I got ready in washroom and got ready for my trade show, in fact, I end up purchasing the same brand next.

5) Bung a (tumble) dryer sheet in your bag-Sick of your clothes picking up the faint scent of old socks? Well, this little trick will keep em smelling fresh throughout your trip. If you are going for a long haul take a little pack with you and replace whenever sheet seems to be losing it dominion.
Real-Life Example- Actually don’t have one because I always carry dryer sheets or a separate bag to keep my dirty clothes separately.

If you have more ideas in your memory do not hesitate in bestowing because sharing is caring as per me.


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