Vorbicon Celebrates Women’s Day by creating awareness on Mental & Physical Health

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Among all the daily hustle women often don’t get enough time to look after themselves. In order to encourage women to take care of themselves more, here is our bit of effort.

Having women’s’ day around the corner, Vorbicon, an online consulting platform in the city of Pune organized an interactive session on Awareness about women’s’ physical and mental health on 6th of March at Vorbicon Technologies’ office.
Dietician Jyoti Kumawat and Psychologist Shreya Ayachit spoke about various aspects concerning women’s’ health. The experts discussed following points with the audience:

– Why is it important to be mentally and physically healthy?
People usually don’t go to a doctor when they are stressed, it is the default that they visit the doctor only when they are physically ill. Mental health always takes the last seat on the priority list of women. It is very important for women to be mentally as well physically healthy so as to
– What are some of the healthy eating habits of women?

Our experts had a strong emphasis on following the traditional diets like if you are a Maharashtrian eat Maharashtrian food because it has been created thinking of the weather conditions and other elements affecting health in Maharashtra.

– Weaker bones and fatigue are major problems in women, how to tackle them?

Eating healthy is the first thing you can do, be it for mental health or physical health. Do not follow fashion or trends of eating, simply go with your body. Your body knows what it needs so if you are craving for sugar that means there is the certain deficiency in your body which is causing it.

– Stress and its effect on women’s health? other mental health concerns for women

Stress is very common and commonly ignored amongst women. Women do not understand the disastrous effects of being stressed all the time. Stress affects a lot of your eating habits and women tend to eat wrong which is not required by the body due to stress.

– Ways to manage stress
There are several ways to manage stress; starting from not actually taking stress for anything. Women need to socialize and make friends, develop healthy eating habits. Organising social gatherings and being part of activity groups also help you in different ways to manage stress.

Towards the later part of the session, a health oath was taken by all the participants in order to maintain a physically and mentally healthy life.
We hope this event helps women gain more awareness about maintaining their own health and ways to do so.

About Vorbicon:
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