Want to look Classy and Sassy without much effort? Keep these point in your mind.


Keep your clothes resembling Pristine

All the time and by that, I don’t mean to go out and spend 100s $ to buy overpriced outfits alternately you can carry even 10$ dress but polished and steamed properly and look impeccable.

Don’t show too much skin

By that I mean to restrict the amount of skin you expose as it is not needed omnipresent also learn the art of clothing and exposing at the same time and how can you do that? Just by balancing both the thing properly. For example, if you are wearing something which shows your cleavage than I would recommend wearing something covered up at the bottom to look classy and Vice Versa which is quite attractive.

Makeup, Hair and Nail

With Makeup try to focus on three things i,e. Skin, Eyebrows & Eyelashes don’t go for heavy makeup with cakey foundation try to make your skin looks flawless, Eyebrows on point and lashes accurately then you are good to go and for hair try to make it clean every week thrice there is nothing more classy having grease-free hair and you can opt for dry shampoo in between. Also, use good brand hairbrush probably a wise investment for hair which distributes all-natural oil all over the hair. For Nails try to have cuticle nice and clean and go for gel nails which work for at least 15 days.

Wear Denty Jewelry

It is aways classier to wear dainty jewelry that looks high quality having dainty pieces which last for 2-3 years and one can wear that on an everyday basis is a nice thing to carry.

Comfortable Clothes

Some clothes look attractive but you know they won’t be comfortable because you will keep on adjusting. My tip is to always try the clothes in changing room and move a bit to see if its comfortable while walking and here it goes without saying if it passes my moving test you are good to go. As I always say that if you can carry any piece of clothes with confident you are looking beautiful and then you don’t need to look for beautiful pieces.

Go up in size when in doubt

So this tip is for those who fall under in-between sizes in that case always choose the bigger size rather than smaller ones because bigger size won’t be adjusting in nature.

High Low Fashion

Always go for high-end accessories as you keep on wearing those on regular intervals with different clothing but at the same time, you can wear something from the street shopping if it’s fit well. So pondering high and low fashion is the key to fashion.

One Statement Piece

Do not wear lots of brands which points logo collectively try to wear one assertion piece which shows logo and keep rest of the simple and sophisticated.

Find your Style Icon

For Example for I absolutely like kylie Jenner Style which is mostly based on basic yet stylish but at the same time I try to steal the style from different Web Series personalities from time to time but my basic style which i follow is Boss lady with some sophistication and classiness like Meghan Markle from Suits. Take inspiration from the stylist.

Signature Scent

Whatever look you are carrying it should complete your look so personally, I suggest you invest in the high-quality fragrance which speaks for you when you are not talking around people that has good lasting power and create an aura.

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