Work place Rules and Ethics!

Professionalism is something we all should have in our behavior while we are in our office as we spend the maximum time of our life in our office. We should keep in mind that we shouldn’t be so much comfort in that behavior that after a certain period we started behaving like it’s our home instead although it’s a good thing at one side too to be comfortable be professional is something more exciting and ethical too.

Let’s discuss some point of workplace ethics and rule which no one gonna tell you ever as you will learn from your experiences.

  • Be On-Time- Time is money and we all love money isn’t it? So be on time in your office no matter what personal issues you have going on and whether you stuck in traffic or even you had a bad day.
  • Be a Professional-Being professional is not something you have to learn it is something you have to bring in your personality day by day.
  • Do not include Office and Home Together- a Most important part of our official life which we should keep in our mind do not mix both of your life as you will not grow professionally if you do so.
  • Be Ethical- Always be on the correct side and be ethical in your work sometimes we may face so many situations where we have to decide between being ethical or unethical do not think twice over that make sure to always be on the correct side.
  • No Office Affair- We may feel like office affair is the best thing to pass our time but remember we are office for work not for time pass in today’s trend hook up, time pass is something we normally don’t get time if we are in a 9-5 job but then finding an option in office is something not appreciable.
  • Be respectful of confidentiality- Over a period so much confidential information is passed to you because you have to act accordingly and take decision based on those data and information make sure you do not transfer the confidential information to any other third person outside of the office and sometimes even in the office.
  • No Friendship In-Office- Make sure you don’t befriend with your colleague too much that may affect your work or even if it won’t affect your work but your boss or manager may not understand this fact and they may think opposite and then the problem will be on your head for sure

I hope these points will help especially Fresher’s who gonna start their career in corporate or in any other segment.

Keep It Chic, Keep It Stylish,
Love You All